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Cynthia Winston, MSN Student

Cynthia Winston What brought you to the College of Nursing and what do you want to do with  your  degree?
 I received my BSN degree at the University of South Carolina Upstate and knew when it  was time for  me to get a MSN degree I would end up back at USC. I am already a director of nursing so my  purpose for getting this MSN degree is to explore teaching and nurse executive opportunities.

 What is most challenging as a nursing student?
 Balancing a full time job, a sixteen-year-old special needs son, a 19-year-old college sophomore and  school work. I love learning but sometimes after a long day of work, you just want to relax after you  get home.


What is one skill you believe every nurse should possess?
Excellent communication skills. We deal with the patient, the family, providers, peers and co-workers, leaders, community people and so many more. If we cannot communicate as well as listen then the care we provide will be broken and disjointed therefore not effective for the people we serve.

What is/was your favorite class?
Facilitative Processes in Nursing Administration (Leadership). I love helping others learn and grow.  I have a MA degree in management and leadership already so adding additional advance leadership courses has been even more rewarding.

Any hobbies and/or other extracurricular activities?
I am very involved in church activities and love spending time with my husband and children.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan to continue to grow and develop my skills as a nursing director. Currently I am the director of nursing for education/orientation for a local medical group that is affiliated with one of the leading hospitals here in Columbia. I do not have a lot of inpatient nursing experience so I would love to get into inpatient nursing services maybe a director for women’s health a few years from now but ultimately end up as a nurse executive.

What advice would you give to future nursing students?
Do not wait until you are in your fifties to get an advanced degree. When you have a full time job and added family responsibilities, you do not have as much energy and time to study for school. Get your advance degree early on in your career, while you are younger.