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College of Nursing

Sample Undergraduate Cost


Junior/Senior year Tuition, technology, health professions fee $11,468
(full-time resident)
(full-time nonresident)
  Nursing Lab fee ($1,000/semester) $2,000
  Housing (traditional, suite) $4,140-6,700
  Meals (10-21 Meal Plan) $2,350-2,752
  Books and supplies (average) $1,000
  Uniforms $200
  Supply and equipment kits (first junior semester only) $160
  Criminal record check and drug screen (first junior semester) $100
  CPR certification (can vary) $45+
  Insurance (each clinical course) $20
  Total Assessment Program Tests (each clinical course) $60
  Clinical travel *
HBV Vaccine
Varicella, Rubella and Rubeola Titers
 Graduating seniors  Licensure  $100
   NCLEX Examination  $200
   Background check  $55
 Optional expenses  Nursing pin  $75-294
   Senior pictures $24
   Cap and gown** $35
   Honor cords $10

*Students sometimes share transportation to clinical sites during the junior year and during the first semester of the senior year. Because of course requirements in community health, students in their final semester of the senior year must have access to a vehicle for transportation to the clinical site.

**Required if participating in commencement exercises

Updated Feb. 25, 2012