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College of Nursing

Office of Healthcare Workforce Research for Nursing

The Office of Healthcare Workforce Research for Nursing was established in 2008 in collaboration with the Office for Healthcare Workforce Analyses and Planning (OHW) at the South Carolina Area Health Education Consortium, the South Carolina Center for Nursing Leadership and other partner organizations. The office provides an objective entity for coordinating the development and publication of workforce policy research in nursing.


The workforce research office seeks to:

  • Develop nursing workforce supply and demand projection methodologies specific to the different health care disciplines
  • Gather information as necessary from major employer groups and members of health care professions concerning trends in unmet workforce demand such as recruitment, retention and inability to fill existing positions
  • Provide supply and demand information at local levels
  • Produce studies of the state’s nursing workforce education programs, monitor trends in enrollment, graduation and retention in active practice in the state and include estimates of changes needed in South Carolina educational program enrollments to address demand projections
  • Produce and disseminate policy-level reports, research and publications for broad use by health care policymakers in various settings
  • Establish Web access to information concerning all aspects of nursing workforce supply, demand and education, including the ability of the user to generate queries and reports via a rapid retrieval application
  • Partner with others in the field to develop special studies related to the state’s health care workforce.

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Coming soon:  2015-2016 Nursing Education Report & 2016 Licensure Report.