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College of Nursing

Simulation Lab

As the state’s flagship nursing program, the University of South Carolina College of Nursing is leading the way to meet the critical need for registered nurses in the 21st century by using the most innovative teaching techniques and tools available, including our most advanced teaching instrument – the patient simulator. Patient simulators are full-body working manikins that are programmed to deliver critical vital sign and physiologic information that a nurse needs to determine the best care for their patient.

Every nursing student experiences a variety of situational scenarios that are common in the field of nursing as well as scenarios that involve high-risk situations they would most likely never witness in their hospital clinical. In the lab, our students perform duties that only licensed registered nurses can do in the real world. Students get to experience assessing patients, examining lab results, calling health care providers, drawing up and administering medications and making critical decisions. The simulators respond to the care like real patients.

“We want our students’ preparation to be the best it can be. Education through simulation plays a critical role in preparing students to have the confidence and skills they need, particularly when it comes to acting fast in a low-incidence, high-risk situation.” – Erin McKinney, Director, Clinical Simulation Lab