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College of Pharmacy

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Vision and Mission

The College of Pharmacy is dedicated to providing high-quality pharmacy education to improve the health and wellness of South Carolina residents. Learn more about our educational philosophy through the vision, mission, core values and goals adopted by the college's faculty in March 2016.


Improving Health through Leadership and Innovation in Pharmacy Education, Research, and Patient Care


The COP is an education, research, and service enterprise that makes the best use of state resources, student tuition, grant funds, and endowment funds to:

  • produce pharmacists at an advanced level of practice to provide pharmaceutical care and serve the medication-related health needs of the citizenry of South Carolina
  • develop and apply expertise in economics, epidemiology, and health outcomes assessment to guide population-level drug policy at local, state, and federal levels to make the best decisions regarding medications
  • develop and apply research skills in biomedical sciences to discover, develop, and test new drug therapies to treat or prevent important health problems
  • serve as a national leader in pharmacy education and research
  • promote life-long learning for practitioners
  • seek and welcome students, faculty and staff members regardless of factors such as gender, race, age, nationality, religion or disability and recognize the benefits of diversity

Core Values

We share a commitment to excellence in education, research and practice.

We recognize and embrace the importance of professional service on a local, regional, national and international level.

We provide community leadership and support.

We foster an environment where integrity, accountability, respect and collegiality are expected.

We advance the tenet that the COP is a member-driven organization that has accessible administrative leadership that empowers faculty, staff, students and alumni to shape the direction of the College.

We actively promote diversity in an environment where students, faculty, and staff are welcome regardless of factors such as race, gender, nationality, religion, or disability.


  • improve the health and wellness of South Carolina Citizens by training the best pharmacists
  • provide education, research and service comparable in quality to the nation’s best colleges of pharmacy
  • become a national leader in pharmacy education, research and service