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College of Pharmacy

Faculty and Staff

Lorne Hofseth, Ph.D.

Title: Professor / Graduate Program Director / Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences
Interim Director Center for Colon Cancer Research
College of Pharmacy
Phone: 803-403-5588


Doctor of Philosophy
Simon Fraser University, Canada, Ph.D., 1996
Postdoctoral Fellowship
Michigan State University (1996-2000)
National Cancer Institute (2000-2004)

Research Interests

Currently, our research interests revolve around chronic inflammation and cancer.  Chronic inflammation is dangerous to human health. It drives many prevalent diseases in our society, including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and cancer. Current treatment strategies that have a single target to dampen signs and symptoms of chronic inflammation are limited, and fraught with side-effects. Our lab is dedicated to identifying novel targets and therapeutic approaches to suppressing inflammation, with minimal toxicity. One way is through the use of common complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) that have anti-inflammatory properties. Another way is to team up with biochemists who synthesize small molecule inhibitors of specific pro-inflammatory molecules with low toxicity. Dr. Hofseth also carries out clinical trials to examine the role of anti-oxidants in suppressing systemic inflammation, and improve overall health. Recent projects have involved the used of genetically modified plants to synthesize microRNAs for chemopreventive properties.  We are also interested in colon cancer disparities and are tackling this issue in collaboration with other leaders at the University, including Drs. Hebert, Berger, and Roninson.  Our bench-to-bedside approach and collaborative efforts will have far-reaching health implications on millions of people suffering from auto-immune and chronic inflammatory diseases. Dr. Hofseth has published over 86 times in peer-reviewed journals, and has founded two companies.