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Evaluation and Academic Assessment

The Office of Operations and Accreditation provides Evaluation and Academic Assessment services for the Arnold School in several areas. Our team assesses the performance of our academic programs against learning outcomes, administers course evaluations, and collects feedback from graduating students and alumni. We also work closely with the Council on Education for Public Health to ensure that the Arnold School maintains its accreditation. 



Academic Program Assessment

Each unit at the University develops academic assessment plans that are used to measure performance against its programs’ learning outcomes. These data are used for planning and program improvement. The Director of Evaluation and Academic Assessment (DEAA) works with program directors in the School to ensure that data are collected and reported annually. The University’s Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) provides resources and assistance with the assessment planning process and reviews the plans annually. OIRA’s Assessment Toolbox provides information and guidance on plan development, and includes a link to the Assessment Plan Composer, where the plans are maintained.

Student Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are one of the most important ways for students to provide feedback about their academic experience. Survey results are used by instructors to modify courses or select successful strategies; by departments for program assessment; and by the Arnold School and the University to evaluate faculty for potential tenured appointments or promotion.

The Office of Operations and Accreditation conducts anonymous course evaluations at the end of each Arnold School course. Surveys are administered through Class Climate, an electronic system that allows us to schedule surveys, automatically email invitations to students, and send reminders to students who have not completed the survey, while maintaining anonymity. The questionnaire asks students to rate each course and its instructor and to provide comments about their experience in the class. At the end of each semester, student data are summarized by course, by level within department, and by level for the school overall. Course levels are undergraduate (100-499), mixed (500-699), and graduate (700-899).

For more information about the student course evaluations, email

Exit and Alumni Surveys

The Arnold School regularly solicits feedback from our students and alumni to learn about their future plans, assess our success in preparing student for the workforce, and find ways to improve our programs. These surveys include the undergraduate student exit survey, graduate student exit surveys, and alumni survey. Results of these surveys are used by the program directors, department chairs, and dean to guide program improvements.

Exit Surveys
Each semester, the Office of Operations and Accreditation conducts electronic surveys of students who are graduating that semester. We conduct anonymous surveys of undergraduates and graduates asking them to rate their experiences at the Arnold School and to provide qualitative feedback. We also conduct a confidential (but not anonymous) survey of graduate students to learn more about their future plans for employment and continuing their education. The USC Career Center conducts a similar survey of undergraduate students and shares that data with the school.

Alumni survey
Twice a year, the Office of Operations and Accreditation conducts an anonymous alumni survey to learn more about what our graduates are doing and how well our programs have prepared them for their current roles.

For more information about any of these surveys, email