The University of South Carolina inspires a better way of life.

We share this inspiration through what we write, say and present about the university. And in today's media rich landscape, there are almost unlimited opportunities for us to tell our story. But, varied messages and disparate presentations can make it difficult for us to show what the University of South Carolina represents.

A strong brand helps us be clear about who we are and what we stand for. It allows us to consistently share our purpose, articulate our mission and describe the university in words and images that reinforce what is unique about the University of South Carolina.

We've created these Brand Identity Guidelines to help all our colleges, schools, departments and programs produce materials that are consistent, professional and immediately recognizable as University of South Carolina.

Use these guidelines as you plan your advertising, brochures, posters, Web sites, presentations, and other communications to ensure your creative work reflects and reinforces the University of South Carolina brand. Current materials do not need to be discarded. As new materials are needed, they should be created in conjunction with the vision and elements outlined in this site.