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Horseshoe Gate

Academic Profile for Top Scholars

Each group of Scholar Program applicants competes with itself. Therefore, there are no set minimum requirements. Below are some academic averages earned by past scholarship recipients.

Carolina and Hamilton

Last year, Carolina and Hamilton Scholars had an average SAT score of 1501 (ACT score of 33) and an average weighted GPA of 4.95.

McNair and Horseshoe

Last year, McNair and Horseshoe Scholars had an average SAT score of 1507 (ACT score of 34) and an average weighted high school GPA of 4.60.

2012 South Carolina Honors College Class

Students who accept the scholarships receive automatic admission into the South Carolina Honors College. Here is some profile information on the 2012 Honors College Class:

Class Size: 349
Average Weighted Core GPA: 4.65
Interquartile SAT* Score: 1390-1470
Interquartile ACT Score: 31-33

*On the critical reading and math sections combined.