At the University of South Carolina, we apply what we learn in class to the research we conduct in the lab and in the field. We gain new perspectives from the world around us as we share our experiences in community service projects. We solve problems in new and creative ways. See how we connect.

Knowing she wanted to get into management, BRITTANY MOSS, a member of the Class of 2012, was attracted to the organizational leadership degree at USC Union by the breadth of the program.

The major allows her to study topics such as human resources, accounting, economics, and political science. And she is inspired by her professors' passion for teaching and the knowledge brought to the classroom by faculty with years of experience and wide-ranging interests.

She has also learned the importance of time management by juggling six classes with her roles with the Student Government Association and USC Union's March of Dimes team, all while working in the Business Office. Brittany says her job in the office "has been a good experience for me because I've been able to see how things really work. As a college student, it's a really good experience for me to learn those types of things."