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Abdel-Malek, Kamal (See Asani, Ali S.)

Abernathy, M. Glenn and Barbara A. Perry
Civil Liberties Under the Constitution: Sixth Edition

Abeysekara, Ananda
Colors of the Robe: Religion, Identity, and Difference

Achberger, Karen R.
Understanding Ingeborg Bachmann

Ackerman, John M. and David J. Coogan (eds.)
The Public Work of Rhetoric: Citizen-Scholars and Civic Engagement

Ackerman, Robert K.
Wade Hampton III

Ackerman, Susan E. (See Lee, Raymond L. M.)

Aiken, David (See Simms, William Gilmore )

Agnew, Lois Peters
Outward, Visible Propriety: Stoic Philosophy and Eighteenth-Century British Rhetorics

Albright, Kendra S. and Karen W. Gavigan (eds.)
AIDS in the End Zone

Alderson, Jr., Robert J.
This Bright Era of Happy Revolutions: French Consul Michel-Ange-Bernard Mangourit and International Republicanism in Charleston, 1792–1794

Alexander, Robert E. (and John A. Elliott)
Livio Orazio Valentini: An Artist's Spiritual Odyssey

Allen, Louise Anderson
A Bluestocking in Charleston: The Life and Career of Laura Bragg

Allen, Gilbert
The Final Days of Great American Shopping: Stories Past, Present, and Future

Allen, Katharine Thompson (See West, Elizabeth Cassidy)

Allen, Patrick
Margaret Mitchell: Reporter

Allen, William Rodney
Understanding Kurt Vonnegut

Anderson, Dana L.
Identity's Strategy: Rhetorical Selves in Conversion

and Jessica Enoch (eds.)
Burke in the Archives: Using the Past to Transform the Future of Burkean Studies

Anderson, Mary Crow (ed.)
Two Scholarly Friends: Yates Snowden and John Bennett Correspondence, 1902–1932

Anderson, William D. (See Sanders, Albert E.)

Andreach, Robert J.
Understanding Beth Henley

Annan, Jason and Pamela Gabriel
The Great Cooper River Bridge

Anzali, Ata
"Mysticism" in Iran

Appel, Jacob M.
Phoning Home: Essays

Armstrong Jr., Edward P.
A Ciceronian Sunburn: A Tudor Dialogue on Humanistic Rhetoric and Civic Poetics

Arnold, Sara C. and Stephen G. Hoffius (eds.)
The Life and Art of Alfred Hutty: Woodstock to Charleston

Arp, Bill See Smith, Charles Henry

Arthos, John
Speaking Hermeneutically: Understanding in the Conduct of a Life

Ashmore, Harry
Civil Rights and Wrongs: A Memoir of Race and Politics, 1944–1997, Revised and Expanded Edition

Ashton, Susanna (ed.)
I Belong to South Carolina: South Carolina Slave Narratives
See also Thomas, Rhondda Robinson

Assey, Joan P. (See Burke Jr., W. Lewis)

Astren, Fred
Karaite Judaism and Historical Understanding

Astro, Alan
Understanding Samuel Beckett

Auchincloss, Louis
La Gloire: The Roman Empire of Corneille and Racine
Writers and Personality

Axe, David
Army 101: Inside ROTC in a Time of War

Ayers, John (See McKissick Museum Chinese Ceramics)

Babcock, Havilah
My Health is Better in November: Thirty-five Stories of Hunting and Fishing in the South
Tales of Quails 'n Such: A Collection of Hunting and Fishing stories

Bailey, Candace
Charleston Belles Abroad: The Music Collections of Harriet Lowndes, Henrietta Aiken, and Louisa Rebecca McCord

Bailey, Helen Gaillet (See Gaillet, Lynée Lewis)

Bailey, Lloyd R.
Noah: The Person and the Story in History and Tradition

Baker, Gary L.
Understanding Uwe Johnson

Baker, R. Scott
Paradoxes of Desegregation: African American Struggles for Educational Equity in
    Charleston, South Carolina, 1926–1972

Baldwin, William
A Gentleman of Charleston and the Manner of His Death: A Novel
The Hard to Catch Mercy: A Novel
—See Peterkin, Genevieve

Ballantine, Todd
Tideland Treasure

Ballantyne, David T.
New Politics in the Old South: Ernest F. Hollings in the Civil Rights Era

Balentine, Samuel E.
Have You Considered My Servant Job?: Understanding the Biblical Archetype
of Patience

Proust and His Banker: In Search of Time Squandered

Balsley, Tilda
Crabbing: A Lowcountry Family Tradition

Bancroft, Frederic
Slave Trading in the Old South

Barbash, Jack and Kate Barbash
Theories and Concepts in Comparative Industrial Relations

Barbash, Kate See Barbash, Jack.

Bard, Chantal, Michelle Fleury, and Laurette Hay
Development of Eye-Hand Coordination Across the Life-Span

Barden, Mary Moulton (See Crow, Terrell Armistead)

Barnes, Jodi A. (ed.)
The Materiality of Freedom: Archaeologies of Postemancipation Life

Barnes, Joy W. (See Middleton, Earl M.)

Barnes, Timothy M. (See Calhoon, Robert M.)

Barnwell, William H.
In Richard's World: The Battle of Charleston, 1966

Bartholomees, J. Boone, Jr.
Buff Facings and Gilt Buttons: Staff and Headquaters Operations in the Army of
    Northern Virgina, 1861–1865

Bashir, Shahzad
Messianic Hopes and Mystical Visions: The Nurbakhshiya between Medieval
    and Modern Islam

Bass, Jack and W. Scott Poole
The Palmetto State: The Making of Modern South Carolina

Bassanese, Fiora A.
Understanding Luigi Pirandello

Bathanti, Joseph
East Liberty: A Novel
The Life of the World to Come: A Novel

Bauer, K. Jack
A Maritime History of the United States: The Role of America's Seas and Waterways

Bauer, Margaret Donovan
A Study of Scarletts: Scarlett O'Hara and Her Literary Daughters
Understanding Tim Gautreaux

Baughman, Judith (See Bruccoli, Matthew J.)
—See also Fitzgerald, F. Scott

Baughman, Ronald
Understanding James Dickey

Baxter, Quentin (See McCray, Jack)

Beach, Dana
Deveaux: Deveaux Bank Seabird Sanctuary, South Carolina

Beck, Guy L.
Sonic Liturgy: Ritual and Music in Hindu Tradition
Sonic Theology: Hinduism and Sacred Sound

Belknap, Michal R.
The Supreme Court under Earl Warren, 1953–1969

Bellows, Barbara L. (See Massey, Mary Elizabeth)

Bell, Karen Cook
Claiming Freedom: Race, Kinship, and Land in Nineteenth-Century Georgia

Bennett, Barbara
Understanding Jill McCorkle
Smoke Signals from Samarcand

Bennett, Chet
Resolute Rebel: General Roswell S. Ripley, Charleston's Gallant Defender

Bennett, John
The Doctor to the Dead: Grotesque Legends and Folk Tales of Old Charleston

Bennett, Kelsey L.
Principle and Propensity: Experience and Religion in the Nineteenth-Century British and American Bildungsroman

Benstead, Charles R.
Retreat, a Story of 1918

Berkenkotter, Carol (See Hanganu-Bresch, Cristina)

Berger, Helen A.
A Community of Witches: Contemporary Neo-Paganism and Witchcraft in the United States
— with Evan A. Leach, and Leigh S. Shaffer
Voices from the Pagan Census: A National Survey of Witches and Neo-Pagans in
    the United States

Solitary Pagans: Contemporary Witches, Wiccans, and Others Who Practice Alone

Berkenkotter, Carol
Patient Tales: Case Histories and the Uses of Narrative in Psychiatry

Berlin, Jean V. (ed.)
A Confederate Nurse: The Diary of Ada W. Bacot, 1860–1863

Bernauer, Thomas and Dieter Ruloff (eds.)
The Politics of Positive Incentives in Arms Control

Berry, Marianne
The Family at Risk: Issues and Trends in Family Preservation Services

Bethel, Elizabeth Rauh
Promiseland: A Century of Life in a Negro Community

Bickford, Donna M
Understanding Marge Piercy

Billingsley, Andrew
Yearning to Breathe Free: Robert Smalls of South Carolina and His Families

Birns, Nicholas
Understanding Anthony Powell

Bixel, Patricia Bellis and John David Smith
Seeing the New South: Race and Place in the Photographs of Ulrich Bonnell Phillips

Black, C. Clifton
Mark: Images of an Apostolic Interpreter

Blaker, Gordon A. (See Bragg, C. L.)

Blakesley, David (See Burke, Kenneth)

Blackman, Lynne
Central to Their Lives: Southern Women Artists in the Johnson Collection

Bland, Sydney
Preserving Charleston's Past, Shaping Its Future: The Life and Times of Susan Pringle Frost

Bleser, Carol
The Hammonds of Redcliffe
Secret and Sacred: The Diaries of James Henry Hammond, a Southern Slaveholder

Bloom, Lynn Z.
The Seven Deadly Virtues and Other Lively Essays: Coming of Age as a Writer, Teacher,
    Risk Taker

Bloomfield, Maureen
Error and Angels

Blount, J. Donald
The Contemplated Spouse: The Letters of Wallace Stevens to Elsie

Bodek, Richard and Simon Lewis (eds.)
The Fruits of Exile: Central European Intellectual Immigration to America in the
    Age of Fascism

Bogumil, Mary L.
Understanding August Wilson

Boles, William C.
Understanding David Henry Hwang

Bonanate, Luigi
Ethics and International Politics

Bonner, Michael Brem and Fritz Hamer (eds.)
South Carolina in the Civil War and Reconstruction Eras: Essays from the Proceedings of the South Carolina Historical Association

Bonner, Sherwood
Like unto Like

Borick, Carl P.
A Gallant Defense: The Siege of Charleston, 1780
Relieve Us of This Burthen: American Prisoners of War in
   the Revolutionary South, 1780–1782

Bostdorff, Denise M.
The Presidency and the Rhetoric of Foreign Crisis

Boswell, Marshall
Understanding David Foster Wallace
Understanding David Foster Wallace, Revised and Expanded

Bove, Cheryl K.
Understanding Iris Murdoch

Brady, Patricia (ed.)
George Washington's Beautiful Nelly: The Letters of Eleanor Parke Custis to
    Elizabeth Bordley Gibson, 1794–1851

and as Brady Schmit, Patricia (ed.)
Nelly Custis Lewis's Housekeeping Book

Bragg, C.L.
Crescent Moon over Carolina: William Moultrie and American Liberty
Martyr of the American Revolution: The Execution of Isaac Hayne, South Carolinian
Never for Want of Powder: The Confederate Powder Works in Augusta, Georgia

Brana-Shute, Rosemary (ed.) (See Greene, Jack P.)

Brana-Shute, Rosemary and Randy J. Sparks (eds.)
Paths to Freedom:Manumission in the Atlantic World

Brandt, Nat and Yanna Kroyt
In the Shadow of the Civil War: Passmore Williamson and the Rescue of Jane Johnson

Brannon, Rebecca
From Revolution to Reunion: The Reintegration of the South Carolina Loyalists
—with Joseph S. Moore (ed.)
The Consequences of Loyalism: Essays in Honor of Robert M. Calhoun
—with Joseph S. Moore (ed.)

Brantly, Susan C.
Understanding Isak Dinesen

Brennan, Matthew C.
The Poet's Holy Craft: William Gilmore Simms and Romantic Verse Tradition

Bresee, Clyde
Sea Island Yankee

Brickey, Russell
Understanding Sharon Olds

Briggs, Ward
The Complete Poems of James Dickey

Brinkmeyer, Jr., Robert H.
Citizen-Scholar: Essays in Honor of Walter Edgar

Britt, Samuel Irving
The Children of Salvation: Ritual Struggle in a Liberian Aladura Church

Broaddus, Dorothy C.
Genteel Rhetoric: Writing High Culture in Nineteenth-Century Boston

Brockopp, Jonathan E.
Islamic Ethics of Life: Abortion, War, and Euthanasia
and Thomas Eich
Muslim Medical Ethics: From Theory to Practice

Brodsky, David M. (See Swansbrough, Robert H.)

Broer, Lawrence
Vonnegut and Hemingway: Writers at War

Brooke, George M., Jr.
Ironclads and Big Guns of the Confederacy: The Journal and Letters of John M. Brooke, Jr.

Brooker, Colin
The Shell Builders: Tabby Architecture of Beaufort, South Carolina, and the Sea Islands

Browder, Glen (and Terri Ann Ognibene)
South Carolina's Turkish People: A History and Ethnology

Brown, Canter Jr. (See Denham, James M.)

Brown, Cleo Scott (See Scott, John H.)

Brown, John Gregory
Decorations in a Ruined Cemetery

Brown, William Garrott
The South at Work: Observations from 1904

Brownrigg, Mark
Giving Voice to Traditional Songs: Jean Redpath's Autobiography, 1937–2014

Browne, Stephen Howard
The Ides of War: George Washington and the Newburgh Crisis

Bruccoli, Matthew J.
with Judith S. Baughman (eds.)
On Books and Writers: Selected Essays
F. Scott Fitzgerald in the Marketplace: The Auction and Dealer Catalogues, 1935–2006
Hemingway and The Mechanism of Fame: Statements, Public Letters, Introductions,
    Forewords, Prefaces, Blurbs, Reviews, and Endorsements

The Sons of Maxwell Perkins: Letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway,
    Thomas Wolfe, and Their Editor

Before Gatsby: The First Twenty-Six Short Stories
F. Scott Fitzgerald on Authorship
The Last Romatic: A Poet among Publishers
Reader's Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender Is the Night
with Scottie Fitzgerald Smith and Joan P. Kerr (eds.)
The Romantic Egoists: A Pictorial Autobiography from the Scrapbooks and Albums
    of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

Some Sort of Epic Grandeur: The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald
and Park Bucker (eds.)
To Loot My Life Clean: The Thomas Wolfe–Maxwell Perkins Correspondence
The Only Thing That Counts: The Ernest Hemingway–Maxwell Perkins Correspondence
—See Fitzgerald, F. Scott
—See Lardner, Ring

Bruchey, Stuart (See Coclanis, Peter A.)

Brueggemann, Walter
Solomon: Israel's Ironic Icon of Human Achievement

Bruner, M. Lane
Rhetorical Unconsciousness and Political Psychoanalysis
Strategies of Remembrance: The Rhetorical Dimensions of National Identity Construction

Bruzina, David and Douglas Higbee (eds.)
Hunting and the Ivory Tower: Essays by Scholars Who Hunt

Bryan, Charles S.
Asylum Doctor: James Woods Babcock and the Red Plague of Pellagra

Bryan, John M.
Creating the South Carolina State House

Brzoska, Michael and Frederic S. Pearson
Arms and Warfare: Escalation, De-escalation, and Negotiation

Buchanan, Carl Jay

Bucker, Park
The Matthew J. and Arlyn Bruccoli Collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald at the
    University of South Carolina: An Illustrated Catalogue

—see Bruccoli, Matthew J.

Buckmaster, Henrietta
Let My People Go: The Story of the Underground Railroad and the Growth of
    the Abolitionist Movement

Buehl, Jonathan
Assembling Arguments: Multimodal Rhetoric and Scientific Discourse

Buehler, Arthur F.
Sufi Heirs of Prophet: The Indian Naqshbandiyya and the Rise of the Mediating Sufi Shaykh

Burke, Kenneth
Late Poems, 1968–1990: Attitudinizing Verse-wise, While Fending for One's Selph,
    and in a Style Somewhat Artificially Colloquial

Burke, W. Lewis & Belinda L. Gergel (eds.)
Matthew J. Perry: The Man, His Times, and His Legacy
—and and Joan P. Assey (eds.) Madam Chief Justice: Jean Hoefer Toal of South Carolina
—see also Underwood, James Lowell

Burroughs, Franklin (See Childs, Arney R.)

Burton, E. Milby
Charleston Furniture, 1700–1825
The Siege of Charleston, 1861–1865

Burton, Orville Vernon and Eldred E. Prince, Jr. (eds.)
Becoming Southern Writers: Essays in Honor of Charles Joyner
— See also Moore, Winifred O.

Busick, Sean R.
A Sober Desire for History: William Gilmore Simms as Historian

Butler, Christina Rae
Lowcountry at High Tide: A History of Flooding, Drainage, and Reclamation in Charleston, South Carolina

Butler, Nicholas Michael
Votaries of Apollo: The St. Cecilia Society and the Patronage of Concert Music in
    Charleston, South Carolina, 1766–1820

Cairnes, John E.
The Slave Power: Its Character, Career, and Probable Designs

Calder, Dale R. (See Stephens, Lester D.)

Caldwell, Charlotte
Kirby's Journal: Backyard Butterfly Magic

Calhoon, Robert M., Timothy M. Barnes and Robert Scott Davis
Tory Insurgents: The Loyalist Perception and Other Essays

Calhoun, John C.
The Papers of John C. Calhoun

Cameron, Louisa Pringle
The Private Gardens of Charleston
The Secret Gardens of Charleston
Charleston: City of Gardens

Camper, Jeffery D.
The Reptiles of South Carolina

Cantor, Diane Michael
When Nighttime Shadows Fall: A Novel

Capps, Walter H.
The New Religious Right: Piety, Patriotism, and Politics

Carlin, Colin
Captain James Carlin: Anglo-American Blockade Runner

Carpenter, Brian and Tom Franklin (eds.)
Grit Lit: A Rough South Reader

Carpenter, Ronald H.
Rhetoric in Martial Deliberations and Decision Making: Cases and Consequences

Carr, Virginia Spencer
Understanding Carson McCullers

Carrilio, Terry Eisenberg
Home-Visiting Strategies: A Case-Management Guide for Caregivers

Casada, Jim (ed.)
America's Greatest Game Bird
Bird Dog Days, Wingshooting Ways: Archibald Rutledge's Tales of Upland Hunting
Carolina Christmas: Archibald Rutledge's Enduring Holiday Stories
Hunting & Home in the Southern Heartland: The Best of Archibald Rutledge
Tales of Whitetails: Archibald Rutledge's Great Deer-Hunting Stories

Cashin, Edward J.
Guardians of the Valley: Chickasaws in Colonial South Carolina and Georgia
William Bartram and the American Revolution on the Southern Frontier

Casler, John O.
Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade

Cassels, Louise
The Unexpected Exodus: How the Cold War Displaced One Southern Town

Castel, Albert
Winning and Losing in the Civil War: Essays and Stories

Casto, William R.
The Supreme Court in the Early Republic: The Chief Justiceships of John Jay
    and Oliver Ellsworth

Castro-Klarén, Sara
Understanding Mario Vargas Llosa

Caughey, John Walton
McGillivray of the Creeks

Cauthen, Charles Edward
South Carolina Goes to War, 1860–1865

Caws, Mary Ann (ed.)
Maria Jolas, Woman of Action: A Memoir and Other Writings

Censer, Jane Turner (See Bonner, Sherwood)

Cerasulo, Tom
Authors Out Here: Fitzgerald, West, Parker, and Schulberg in Hollywood

Chamberlain, David (See Laurie, Pete)

Chandler, Genevieve W.
with R. Kincaid Mills, Genevieve C. Peterkin, and Aaron McCollough (eds.)
Coming Through: Voices of a South Carolina Gullah Community from WPA Oral Histories

Chaput, Catherine
Market Affect and the Rhetoric of Political Economic Debates

Charlebois, Lucile C.
Understanding Camilo José Cela

Charles, Tommy
Discovering South Carolina's Rock Art

Chesnutt, David R. and C. James Taylor (eds.)
The Papers of Henry Laurens

Childs, Arney R. (ed.)
Rice Planter and Sportsman: The Recollections of J. Motte Alston, 1821–1909

Christiansen, Nancy L.
Figuring Style: The Legacy of Renaissance Rhetoric

Christophersen, Bill
Resurrecting Leather-Stocking

Clareson, Thomas D.
Understanding Contemporary American Science Fiction: The Formative Period, 1926–1970

Clark, Gregory
Rhetorical Landscapes in America: Variations on a Theme from Kenneth Burke
—See also Jackson, Brian

Clark, Katherine
All the Governor's Men: A Mountain Brook Novel
The Ex-suicide: A Mountain Brook Novel
The Harvard Bride: A Mountain Brook Novel
The Headmaster's Darlings: A Mountain Brook Novel
My Exaggerated Life: Pat Conroy

Clark, Robert C. and Chris Horn
University of South Carolina: A Portrait
and Tom Poland
Carolina Bays: Wild, Mysterious, and Majestic Landforms
Reflections of South Carolina
Reflections of South Carolina, Volume 2

Clark, Thomas D.
The Southern Country Editor

Clarke, Erskine
To Count Our Days: A History of Columbia Theological Seminary 

Clothey, Fred W.
Ritualizing on the Boundaries: Continuity and Innovation in the Tamil Diaspora

Clyburn, James E.
Blessed Experiences: Genuinely Southern, Proudly Black

Coclanis, Peter A.
The Atlantic Economy during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries: New
    Perspectives on Organization, Operation, Practice, and Personnel

and Stuart Bruchey (eds.)
Ideas, Idealogies, and Social Movements: The United States Experience since 1800

Cohn, Robert Greer
The Poetry of Rimbaud

Coit, Margaret L.
John C. Calhoun: American Portrait

Cole, Garold L.
Civil War Eyewitnesses: An Annotated Bibliography of Books and Articles, 1986–1996

Coleman, James W.
Understanding Edward P. Jones

Collins, Michael S.
Understanding Etheridge Knight

Columbia Garden Club
Gardening Notes for South Carolina

Conard, Robert C.
Understanding Heinrich Böll

Conrad, James Lee
The Young Lions: Confederate Cadets at War

Conroy, Melissa
Poppy's Pants

Pat (See Green, Jonathan)

Consigny, Scott
Gorgias, Sophist and Artist

Coogan, David J. (See Ackerman, John M.)

Cook, Shirley B. (See Wilson, Clyde N.)

Cooper, William J., Jr.
The Conservative Regime: South Carolina, 1877–1890
Liberty and Slavery: Southern Politics to 1860
—see also McPherson, James M.

Corelle, Laurel Snow
A Poet's High Argument: Elizabeth Bishop and Christianity

Cormack, Margaret (ed.)
Saints and Their Cults in the Atlantic World

Cornelius, Janet Duitsman
When I Can Read My Title Clear
—and Martha LaFrenz Kay
Women of Conscience: Social Reform in Danville, Illinois, 1890–1930

Corrigan, John
Religion, Space, and the Atlantic World

Coski, Christopher
From Barbarism to Universality: Language and Identity in Early Modern France

Cothran, James R.
Charleston Gardens and the Landscape Legacy of Loutrel Briggs
Gardens and Historic Plants of the Antebellum South
Gardens of Historic Charleston
Grave Landscapes: The Nineteenth-Century Rural Cemetery Movement
—see also Rion, Mary C.; Danylchak, Erica

Cotton, Gordon A. (ed.)
From the Pen of a She-Rebel: The Civil War Diary of Emilie Riley McKinley

Cowser, Jr., Bob
Scorekeeping: Essays from Home

Cox, Elizabeth
Familiar Ground: A Novel
A Question of Mercy: A Novel

Cox, Julian
Controversy and Hope: The Civil Rights Photographs of James Karales

Cox, LaWanda
Lincoln and Black Freedom: A Study in Presidential Leadership

Craig, Tom Moore (ed.)
Upcountry South Carolina Goes to War: Letters of the Anderson, Brockman, and
    Moore Families, 1853–1865

Crank, James A.
Understanding Sam Shepard
Understanding Randall Kenan

Craven, Avery Odelle
Soil Exhaustion as a Factor in the Agricultural History of Virginia and Maryland, 1606–1860

Creel, Mike and Lynn Kelley
The Boykin Spaniel: South Carolina's Dog

Crenshaw, James L.
Qoheleth: The Ironic Wink

Crick, Nathan
Democracy and Rhetoric: John Dewey on the Arts of Becoming
Rhetoric and Power: The Drama of Classical Greece
The Keys of Power

Crow, Terrell Armistead
Live Your Own Life: The Family Papers of Mary Bayard Clarke, 1854–1886

Cuda, Anthony
The Passions of Modernism: Eliot, Yeats, Woolf, and Mann

Cullen, Lisa Anne
Little Orange Honey Hood
Three Wild Pigs

Cummins, Elizabeth
Understanding Ursula K. Le Guin

Cummins, James
Portrait in a Spoon

Curran, Robert Emmett (ed).
For Church and Confederacy: The Lynches of South Carolina

Cusatis, John
Understanding Colum McCann

Cuthbert, Robert B. (ed.)
Flat Rock of the Old Time: Letters from the Mountains to the Lowcountry, 1837–1939
— and Stephen G. Hoffius

Northern Money, Southern Land: The Lowcountry Plantation Sketches of Chlotilde R. Martin

Dailey, Cecelia
The Batik Art of Mary Edna Fraser

Dameron, DéLana R. A.
How God Ends Us
Weary Kingdom: Poems

Damron, Carla
The Stone Necklace: A Novel

Danielson, Michael N.
Profits and Politics in Paradise: The Development of Hilton Head Island

Danisch, Robert
Pragmatism, Democracy, and the Necessity of Rhetoric

Danylchak, Erica
Grave Landscapes: The Nineteenth-Century Rural Cemetery Movement
See also: Cothran, James R.

David, Huw
Trade, Politics, and Revolution: South Carolina and Britain's Atlantic Commerce, 1730–1790

Davis, Allison, Burleigh B. Gardner, and Mary R. Gardner
Deep South: A Social Anthropological Study of Caste and Class

Davis, Robert Scott (See Calhoon, Robert M.)

Davis, William C.
Rhett: The Turbulent Life and Times of a Fire-Eater
—(ed.) A Fire-Eater Remembers: The Confederate Memoir of Robert Barnwell Rhett
—(ed.) Diary of a Confederate Soldier: John S. Jackman of the Orphan Brigade

Dawes, Kwame
Seven Strong: Winners of the South Carolina Poetry Book Prize, 2006–2012
—and Marjory Wentworth (eds.)
Seeking: Poetry and Prose Inspired by the Art of Jonathan Green

DeGuzmán, María
Understanding John Rechy

de la Cova, Antonio Rafael
Colonel Henry Theodore Titus: Antebellum Soldier of Fortune and Florida Pioneer
Cuban Confederate Colonel: The Life of Ambrosio José Gonzales
The Moncada Attack: Birth of the Cuban Revolution

de los Santos, Marisa
From the Bones Out

Delgado, James P.
To California by Sea: A Maritime History of the California Gold Rush

DeNatale, Douglas (See McKissick Museum, New Ways for Old Jugs)

Demastes, William W.
Understanding John Guare

Denham, James M.
Florida Founder William P. DuVal: Frontier Bon Vivant

and Canter Brown Jr. (eds.)
Cracker Times and Pioneer Lives: The Florida Reminiscences of George Gillett Keen
    and Sarah Pamela Williams

and Keith L. Huneycutt (eds.)
Echoes from a Distant Frontier : The Brown Sisters' Correspondence from Antebellum Florida

Dennis, Jeff W.
Patriots and Indians: Shaping Identity in Eighteenth-Century South Carolina

Denny, Frederick M. & Rodney L. Taylor (eds.)
The Holy Book in Comparative Perspective

Desch Obi, T.J.
Fighting for Honor: The History of African Martial Arts Traditions in the Atlantic World

Deutsch, David
Understanding Jim Grimsley

Devlin, Kimberly J. and Marilyn Reizbaum (eds.)
Ulysses—En-Gendered Perspectives: Eighteen New Essays on the Episodes

Dewey, Joseph
Beyond Grief and Nothing: A Reading of Don DeLillo
Understanding Michael Chabon
Understanding Richard Powers

Thomas Dewey II
A View from the South: The Narrative Art of Boyd Saunders

Dharmarajan, Geeta (ed.)
Separate Journeys: Short Stories by Contemporary Indian Women

Dickey, James
Classes on Modern Poets and the Art of Poetry

Dickson-Carr, Darryl
Spoofing the Modern: Satire in the Harlem Renaissance

DiConti, Michael A.
Entrepreneurship in Training: The Multinational Corporation in Mexico and Canada

Diedrick, James
Understanding Martin Amis: Second Edition

Domes, Jürgen (See Myers, James T.)

Donahue, Tim and Jim Patterson
Stage Money: The Business of the Professional Theater
Stage Money: The Business of the Professional Theater, revised and updated edition
Theater Careers: A Realistic Guide

Donovan, Arthur (See Gibson, Andrew)

Dooley, Gillian
From a Tiny Corner in the House of Fiction: Conversations with Iris Murdoch
V. S. Naipaul, Man and Writer

Dorn, T. Felder
Challenges on the Emmaus Road: Episcopal Bishops Confront Slavery, Civil War, and Emancipation
The Guns of Meeting Street: A Southern Tragedy

Dowden, Stephen D.
Understanding Thomas Bernhard

Doyle, Don H. (See Heyward, DuBose)

Drago, Edmund L. (ed.)
Broke by the War: Letters of a Slave Trader

Drowne, Kathleen
Understanding Richard Russo

D'Souza, Diane
Partners of Zaynab: A Gendered Perspective of Shia Muslim Faith

Dudley, Marc
Understanding James Baldwin

Dufford, William E.
My Tour through the Asylum: A Southern Integrationist's Memoir

Duhamel, Georges
Civilization, 1914–1917

Dunkerly, Robert M.
Eutaw Springs: The Final Battle of the American Revolution's Southern Campaign
and Irene B. Boland

Dunn, L. Kerr
Dreaming with Animals

Dunn, Thomas R.
Queerly Remembered: Rhetorics for Representing the GLBTQ Past

Dunsky, Martha
Fire and Forgiveness: A Nun’s Truce with General Sherman

Duernberger, Amy
Exploring the Southern Appalachian Grassy Balds: A Hiking Guide

Durban, Pam
Soon: Stories

Durham, Carolyn A.
Understanding Diane Johnson

Durham, Roger S.
Guardian of Savannah: Fort McAllister, Georgia, in the Civil War and Beyond
High Seas and Yankee Gunboats: A Blockade-Running Adventure from the
    Diary of James Dickson

Earhart, H. Byron
Mount Fuji: Icon of Japan

Early, Jubal A.
A Memoir of the Last Year of the War for Independence in the Confederate States of America

East, James H.
The Humane Particulars: The Collected Letters of William Carlos Williams and Kenneth Burke

Easterby, J. H.
The South Carolina Rice Plantation as Revealed in the Papers of Robert F. W. Allston

Edenfield, Olivia Carr
Understanding Andre Dubus

Edgar, Walter B.
Conversations with the Conroys: Interviews with Pat Conroy and His Family
South Carolina: A History
South Carolina: The WPA Guide to the Palmetto State
The South Carolina Encyclopedia
The South Carolina Encyclopedia Guide to the American Revolution in South Carolina
The South Carolina Encyclopedia Guide to the Counties of South Carolina
The South Carolina Encyclopedia Guide to the Governors of South Carolina
The South Carolina Encyclopedia Guide to the South Carolina Hall of Fame
South Carolina in the Modern Age

Edgerton, Clyde
The Floatplane Notebook

Edwards, Justin D.
Understanding Jamaica Kincaid

Eich, Thomas (See Brockopp, Jonathan E.)

Eksterowicz, Anthony (J. See Watson, Robert P.)

Elfe, Wolfgang, James N. Hardin, and Gunther Holst (eds.)
The Fortunes of German Writers in America: Studies in Literary Reception

Elliott, John A. (and Robert E. Alexander)
Livio Orazio Valentini: An Artist's Spiritual Odyssey

Elliott, William
Carolina Sports by Land and Water: Including Incidents of Devil-Fishing, Wild-Cat, Deer,
    and Bear-Hunting, Etc.

Ellor, James W., F. Ellen Netting, and Jane M. Thibault
Religious and Spiritual Aspects of Human Service Practice

Ely, James W., Jr.
The Chief Justiceship of Melville W. Fuller, 1888–1910

Emerson, Edward Waldo
Life and Letters of Charles Russell Lowell

Emerson, W. Eric
Sons of Privilege: The Charleston Light Dragoons in the Civil War
and Karen Stokes (eds.)
A Confederate Englishman: The Civil War Letters of Henry Wemyss Feilden
Days of Destruction: Augustine Thomas Smythe and the Civil War Siege of Charleston
Faith, Valor, and Devotion: The Civil War Letters of William Porcher DuBose

Engbretson, Alex
Understanding Marilynne Robinson

Engel, Jonathan
Doctors and Reformers: Discussion and Debate over Health Policy, 1925–1950

Enoch, Jessica (See Anderson, Dana)

Ensign, Robert Taylor
Lean Down Your Ear upon the Earth, and Listen: Thomas Wolfe's Greener Modernism

Ernst, Carl W. and Richard C. Martin (eds.)
Rethinking Islamic Studies: From Orientalism to Cosmopolitanism

Eskridge, Jane (ed.)
Before Scarlett: Girlhood Writings of Margaret Mitchell

Evans, Maurice S.
Black and White in the Southern States: A Study of the Race Problem in the United States
    from a South African Point of View

Evans, Worthy
Green Revolver

Evenson, Brian K.
Understanding Robert Coover

Everett, Percival
Walk Me to the Distance: A Novel

Fahy, Thomas
Understanding Truman Capote

Fant, Jennie Holton
Sojourns in Charleston, South Carolina, 1865–1947
The Travelers' Charleston

Farah, Andrew
Hemingway's Brain

Farish, Meggan A. (See Talbert Jr., Roy)

Farnell, Kathie
Duck and Cover: A Nuclear Family

Faulkner, John
My Brother Bill

Fenwick, Gillian
Understanding Tim Parks

Ferguson, Yale H., and Richard W. Mansbach
Polities: Authority, Identities, and Change

Fishburne, Anne Sinkler
Belvidere: A Plantation Memory, Commemorative Edition

Fischer, Joseph R.
A Well-Executed Failure: The Sullivan Campaign against the Iroquois, July–September 1779

Fisher, James
Understanding Tony Kushner

Fisher, Walter R.
Human Communication as Narration

Fite, Gilbert C. (See Clark, Thomas D.)

Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Before Gatsby: The First Twenty-Six Stories
F. Scott Fitzgerald on Authorship
Fie! Fie! Fi-Fi!: A Facsimile of the 1914 Acting Script and the Musical Score with
    Illustrations from the Original Production

—See Bruccoli, Matthew J.

Fitzpatrick, Mary Anne
From the Desk of the Dean
—See Say, A. Elizabeth

Fleming, Deborah
Towers of Myth and Stone: Yeats's Influence on Robinson Jeffers

Fleming, Keith
The U.S. Marine Corps in Crisis: Ribbon Creek and Recruit Training

Fleury, Michelle (See Bard, Chantal)

Floyd, Minuette
A Place to Worship: African American Camp Meetings in the Carolinas

Fluker, Walter Earl (ed.)
The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Volume I: My People Need Me,
    June 1918–March 1936
The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Volume 2: Christian, Who Calls Me Christian?,
    April 1936–August 1943

The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Volume 3: The Bold Adventure, September 1943–May 1949
The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Volume 4: The Soundless Passion of a Single Mind, June 1949--December 1962
The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Volume 5: The Wider Ministry, January 1963–April 1981

Ford, Lacy (See Robertson, Ben)

Foster, Edward Halsey
Understanding the Beats

H. Thomas Foster II, Lisa M. Paciulli, and David J. Goldstein (eds.)
Viewing the Future in the Past: Historical Ecology Applications to Environmental Issues

Fowler, Damon (See Hill, Annabella P.)

Fowler, Douglas
Understanding E. L. Doctorow

Fowler, James Alexander
Wild Orchids of South Carolina: A Popular Natural History

Fox, Rebecca and Robert L. Paquette (eds.)
History and Women, Culture and Faith: Selected Writings of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
   Volume 5, Unbought Grace: An Elizabeth Fox Genovese Reader

Fox, Richard S. (See Ruppert, Edward)

Fox, William L.
Valley of the Craftsmen: A Pictorial History

Franklin G. Burroughs–Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum of Myrtle Beach
Jonathan Green: The Artist and the Collector

Franklin V., Benjamin
An Encyclopedia of South Carolina Jazz and Blues Musicians
Jazz and Blues Musicians of South Carolina: Interviews with Jabbo, Dizzy, Drink, and Others

Franklin, Tom (See Carpenter, Brian)

Fraser, Benjamin
Understanding Juan Benet : New Perspectives

Fraser, Russell
From China to Peru: A Memoir of Travel
Sojourner in Islamic Lands

Fraser, Walter J., Jr.
Charleston! Charleston!: The History of a Southern City
Patriots, Pistols, and Petticoats: "Poor Sinful Charles Town" during the American Revolution
Savannah in the New South

Fraser, West
Charleston in My Time: The Paintings of West Fraser
Painting the Southern Coast: The Art of West Fraser

Freedman, William
Joseph Conrad and the Anxiety of Knowledge

Frega, Donnalee
Speaking in Hunger: Gender, Discourse, and Consumption in Clarissa

French, Hal W.
Zen and the Art of Anything

Fretheim, Terence E.
Abraham: Trials of Family and Faith

Fried, Lisbeth S.
Ezra and the Law in History and Tradition

Friedheim, Robert L.
Negotiating the New Ocean Regime

Friedman, Lawrence S.
Understanding Cynthia Ozick

Frye, Steven
Understanding Cormac McCarthy
Understanding Larry McMurtry

Fulk, Mark K.
Understanding May Sarton

Furman, Jan
Toni Morrison's Fiction: Revised and Expanded Edition

Gabrial, Brian
The Press and Slavery in America, 1791–1859: The Melancholy Effect of Popular Excitement

Gabriel, Pamela (See Annan, Jason)

Gaddy, L. L., Jr.
A Naturalist's Guide to the Southern Blue Ridge Front: Linville Gorge, North Carolina, to
    Tallulah Gorge, Georgia

Gaillet, Lynée Lewis
Remembering Women Differently: Refiguring Rhetorical Work

Gaillard, Fry
The Dream Long Deferred: The Landmark Struggle for Desegregation in Charlotte,
    North Carolina, Third Edition

Gaiser, Adam R.
Shurāt Legends, Ibādī Identities: Martyrdom, Asceticism, and the Making of an Early Islamic Community

Galehouse, Richard F.
The Power of the Plan: Building a University in Historic Columbia, South Carolina

Galow, Timothy W.
Understanding Dave Eggers

Garrett, George
The Sorrows of Fat City: A Selection of Literary Essays and Reviews
and Paul Ruffin (eds.)
That's What I Like (About The South): And Other New Southern Stories for the Nineties

Garrison, Juanita B.
The Piedmont Garden: How to Grow by the Calendar, Second Edition

Gavigan, Karen W. (See Albright, Kendra S.)

Geggus, David P. (ed.)
The Impact of the Haitian Revolution in the Atlantic World

Gelderman, Carol
Louis Auchincloss: A Writer's Life, Revised Edition

Genovese, Eugene D.
The Slaveholders' Dilemma: Freedom and Progress in Southern Conservative Thought,

George, Ann
Kenneth Burke's Permanence and Change: A Critical Companion

George, Ann and Jack Selzer
Kenneth Burke in the 1930s

Gergel, Belinda L. (See Burke, W. Lewis)

Getty, Sarah
The Land of Milk and Honey

Giannone, Richard
Flannery O'Connor, Hermit Novelist

Gibbs, Joseph
Dead Men Tell No Tales: The Lives and Legends of the Pirate Charles Gibbs

Gibbes, Robert W.
A Memoir of James De Veaux, of Charleston, S.C.: Member of the National Academy of
   Design, New-York

Gibson, Andrew and Arthur Donovan
The Abandoned Ocean: A History of United States Maritime Policy

Gibson, Mary Ellis (ed.)
Homeplaces: Stories of the South by Women Writers

New Stories by Southern Women

Gigante, Maria E.
Introducing Science through Images: Cases of Visual Popularization

Gilchrist, Ellen
In the Land of Dreamy Dreams: Stories

Giles, James R.
The Naturalistic Inner-City Novel in America: Encounters with the Fat Man
Understanding Hubert Selby, Jr.
Violence in the Contemporary American Novel: An End to Innocence

Gillespie, J. David
Challengers to Duopoly: Why Third Parties Matter in American Two-Party Politics
Politics at the Periphery: Third Parties in Two-Party America

Gilliland, C. Herbert
USS Constellation on the Dismal Coast: Willie Leonard's Journal, 1859–1861

Gillin, Kate Côté
Shrill Hurrahs: Women, Gender, and Racial Violence in South Carolina, 1865–1900

Gilroy, Bernard Michael
Networking in Multinational Enterprises: The Importance of Strategic Alliances

Ginsberg, Leon H.
Understanding Social Problems, Policies, and Programs, Fourth Edition
—and Anita S. Harbert
Human Services for Older Adults: Concepts and Skills, Second Edition, Revised

Glaeser, Ernst
Class 1902

Gleason, Paul
Understanding T. C. Boyle

Gleeson, David T. (ed.)
The Irish in the Atlantic World
—and Simon Lewis (eds.)
Ambiguous Anniversary: The Bicentennial of the International Slave Trade Bans
The Civil War as Global Conflict: Transnational Meanings of the American Civil War
English Ethnicity and Culture in North America

Goldstein, David J. (See Foster II, H. Thomas)

Gona, Ophelia De Laine
Dawn of Desegregation: J. A. De Laine and Briggs v. Elliott

Gordon, John W.
South Carolina and the American Revolution: A Battlefield History

Gordon, Sarah (ed.)
Flannery O'Connor: In Celebration of Genius

Grabenhorst, Georg
Zero Hour

Grady, Timothy P. and Andrew H. Myers
Recovering the Piedmont Past, Volume 2: Bridging the Centuries in the South Carolina Upcountry, 1877–1941

Grady, Timothy P. and Melissa Walker (eds.)
Recovering the Piedmont Past: Unexplored Moments in Nineteenth-century Upcountry South Carolina History

Grant, Larry A. (ed.)
Caissons Go Rolling Along: A Memoir of America in Post–World War I Germany

Grassian, Daniel
Understanding Sherman Alexie
Writing the Future of Black America: Literature of the Hip-Hop Generation

Gravely, William B.
They Stole Him Out of Jail:Willie Earle, South Carolina’s Last Lynching Victim

Green, Barbara
Jeremiah and God's Plans of Well-being

Green, Elna C. (ed.)
Looking for the New Deal: Florida Women's Letters from the Great Depression

Green, Jonathan
Gullah Images: The Art of Jonathan Green

Greene, Jack P., Rosemary Brana-Shute, and Randy J. Sparks (eds.)
Money, Trade, and Power: The Evolution of Colonial South Carolina's Plantation Society

Greene, Harlan
The Damned Don't Cry—They Just Disappear

Gregory, Andrew F. and C. Kavin Rowe (eds.)
Rethinking the Unity and Reception of Luke and Acts

Gregory, Angela and Nancy L. Penrose
A Dream and a Chisel: Louisiana Sculptor Angela Gregory in Paris, 1925–1928

Greiner, Donald J.
Women without Men: Female Bonding and the American Novel of the 1980s
—See also Dickey, James

Gretlund, Jan Nordby (ed.)
Eudora Welty's Aesthetics of Place
Still in Print: The Southern Novel Today
The Southern State of Mind
and Karl-Heinz Westarp (eds.)
Flannery O' Connor's Radical Reality
The Late Novels of Eudora Welty
Southern Writers Bear Witness: Interviews

Griffin, Alice Understanding Tennessee Williams
— and Geraldine Thorsten

Understanding Lillian Hellman

Grimes, Ronald L.
Ritual Criticism: Case Studies in Its Practice, Essays on Its Theory

Grimshaw, James A., Jr.
Understanding Robert Penn Warren

Gristwood, A.D.
The Somme, Including Also The Coward

Grooms, Anthony
The Vain Conversation: A Novel

Grose, Philip G.
Looking for Utopia: The Life and Times of John C. West
South Carolina at the Brink: Robert McNair and the Politics of Civil Rights

Grubisic, Brett Josef
Understanding Beryl Bainbridge

Grudin, Michaela Paasche
Chaucer and the Politics of Discourse

Gubbins, Cara M.
The Dolphins of Hilton Head

Guilds, John Caldwell and Charles Hudson (eds.)
An Early and Strong Sympathy: The Indian Writings of William Gilmore Simms

Gutek, Gerald and Patricia Gutek
Experiencing America's Past: A Travel Guide to Museum Villages, Second Edition
Pathways to the Presidency: A Guide to the Lives, Homes, and Museums of
  the U.S. Presidents

Plantations and Outdoor Museums in America's Historic South
Visiting Utopian Communities

Gutek, Patricia (See Gutek, Gerald.)

Gutiérrez-Mouat, Ricardo
Understanding Roberto Bolaño

Haas, Peter M. (ed.)
Knowledge, Power, and International Policy Coordination

Hagan, Joe D. (See Rosati, Jerel A.)

Hagood, Maj. Gen. Johnson (See Grant, Larry A.)

Hagstette, Todd (ed.)
Reading William Gilmore Simms: Essays of Introduction to the Author's Canon

Hahn, Robert
All Clear

Halfacre, Angela C.
A Delicate Balance: Constructing a Conservation Culture in the South Carolina Lowcountry

Margaret Hallissy
Understanding Contemporary Irish Fiction and Drama
Understanding Alice McDermott

Hamilton, Geoff
Understanding Gary Shteyngart

Hammond, Phillip E.
Religion and Personal Autonomy: The Third Disestablishment in America

Hampton, Monte Harrell (See Sullivan, Regina D.)

Hanganu-Bresch, Cristina
Diagnosing Madness:
The Discursive Construction of the Psychiatric Patient, 1850-1920

Hanson, Gillian Mary
Understanding Alan Sillitoe

Harbart, Anita S. and Leon H. Ginsberg
Human Services for Older Adults: Concepts and Skills, Second Edition, Revised

Harbury, Katharine E.
Colonial Virginia's Cooking Dynasty

Hardin, James (ed.) (See Elfe, Wolfgang)

Hardy, Donald E.
The Body in Flannery O'Connor's Fiction: Computational Technique and Linguistic Voice
Narrating Knowledge in Flannery O'Connor's Fiction

Harrigan, Elizabeth Ravenel
Charleston Recollections and Receipts: Rose P. Ravenel's Cookbook

Harris, Lynn B.
Patroons and Periaguas: Enslaved Watermen and Watercraft of the Lowcountry

Harrison, Eliza Cope (ed.)
Best Companions: Letters of Eliza Middleton Fisher and her Mother, Mary Hering Middleton,
    from Charleston, Philadelphia, and Newport, 1839–1846

Harrison, Jim
The Coca-Cola Art of Jim Harrison
The Palmetto and Its South Carolina Home
—and Jerry Blackwelder

Pathways to a Southern Coast

Hart, Emma
Building Charleston: Town and Society in the Eighteenth- Century British Atlantic World

Hartle, Ann and Sheila O'Connor-Ambrose (eds.)
History and Women, Culture and Faith: Selected Writings of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
    Volume 4. Explorations and Commitments: Religion, Faith, and Culture

Harwell, Richard (ed.)
Gone With the Wind as Book and Film

Haskins, Ekaterina V.
Logos and Power in Isocrates and Aristotle
Popular Memories: Commemoration, Participatory Culture, and Democratic Citizenship

Hassler, Donald M. and Clyde Wilcox
New Boundaries in Political Science Fiction
Political Science Fiction

Hauser, Gerard A.
Prisoners of Conscience: Moral Vernaculars of Political Agency
Vernacular Voices: The Rhetoric of Publics and Public Spheres

Hawhee, Debra
Moving Bodies: Kenneth Burke at the Edges of Language

Hawk, Fran
The H. L. Hunley Submarine

Hay, Laurette (See Bard, Chantal)

Hayes, Jack Irby, Jr.
South Carolina and the New Deal

Hayes, M. Hunter
Understanding Will Self

Haynie, Rachel
First, You Explore: The Story of the Young Charles Townes

Heidlebaugh, Nola J.
Judgment, Rhetoric, and the Problem of Incommensurability: Recalling Practical Wisdom

Heisser, David C. R. and Stephen J. White, Sr.
Patrick N. Lynch, 1817–1882: Third Catholic Bishop of Charleston

Heller, J. Roderick, III, and Carolynn Ayres Heller (eds.)
The Confederacy Is on Her Way Up the Spout: Letters to South Carolina, 1861–1864

Heller, Carolynn Ayres (See Heller, J. Roderick, III.)

Helterman, Jeffrey
Understanding Bernard Malamud

Henderson, Eileen Kilgore
Stateside Soldier: Life in the Women's Army Corps, 1944–1945

Herrick, James A.
The Radical Rhetoric of English Deists: The Discourse of Skepticism, 1680–1750

Hess, Earl J.
Into the Crater: The Mine Attack at Petersburg

Hess, Karen (ed.)
The Carolina Rice Kitchen: The African Connection, Featuring in Facsimile the
    Carolina Rice Cook Book

—See also Randolph, Mary

Hester, James Robert (ed.)
A Yankee Scholar in Coastal South Carolina: William Francis Allen's Civil War Journals

Heyward, DuBose
Mamba's Daughters: A Novel of Charleston

Heyward, Duncan Clinch
Seed from Madagascar

Higbee, Douglas and David Bruzina
Hunting and the Ivory Tower: Essays by Scholars Who Hunt

Hill, Annabella P.
Mrs. Hill's Southern Practical Cookery and Receipt Book: A Facsimile of Mrs. Hill's
    New Cook Book, 1872 Edition

Hills, Stephen M.
Employment Relations and the Social Sciences

Hine, Darlene Clark (See Buckmaster, Henrietta)

Hine, William C.
South Carolina State University

Hirsch, Arthur H.
The Huguenots of Colonial South Carolina

Hix, H. L.
Understanding William H. Gass
Understanding W. S. Merwin

Hobson, Fred (See Spielman, David G.)

Hoffius, Stephen G. (See Mack, Angela D.)
See also Cuthbert, Robert B.
See also Arnold, Sara C.

Ho, Jennifer Ann
Understanding Gish Jen

Hoffman, Valerie J.
Sufism, Mystics, and Saints in Modern Egypt

Hogan, J. Michael (ed.)
Rhetoric and Community: Studies in Unity and Fragmentation

Hohner, Robert A.
Prohibition and Politics: The Life of Bishop James Cannon, Jr.

Holden, Charles J.
In the Great Maelstrom: Conservatives in Post-Civil War South Carolina

Hollenberg, David
Beyond the Qur'ān: Early Ismaili Ta'wil and the Secrets of the Prophets

Hollenberg, Donna Krolik
Denise Levertov in Company: Essays by Her Student's, Colleagues, and Fellow Writers

Hollings, Ernest F. "Fritz"
Making Government Work

Hollis, Margaret Belser and Allen H. Stokes (eds.)
Twilight on the South Carolina Rice Fields: Letters of the Heyward Family, 1862–1871

Holmes, John W.
The United States and Europe after the Cold War: A New Alliance?

Holst, Gunther (See Elfe, Wolfgang)

Hood, Mary
A Clear View of the Southern Sky: Stories
Seam Busters: A Novella

Hooker, Richard J. (ed.)
A Colonial Plantation Cookbook: The Receipt Book of Harriott Pinckney Horry, 1770

Horsley, Richard A.
Jesus and the Politics of Roman Palestine

Horton, Laurel M.
Mary Black's Family Quilts: Memory and Meaning in Everyday Life

Horvath, Brooke
Understanding Nelson Algren

Houck, Davis W. (See Kiewe, Amos)

Hovis, George
Vale of Humility: Plain Folk in Contemporary North Carolina Fiction

Howell, John M.
Understanding John Gardner

Hudson, Charles
The Cow-Hunter: A Novel
—See Guilds, John Caldwell

Huff, Archie Vernon, Jr.
Greenville: The History of the City and County in the South Carolina Piedmont

Hughes, John S. (ed.)
The Letters of a Victorian Madwoman

Huneycutt, Keith L. (See Denham, James M.)

Hunter, Alvah F.
A Year on a Monitor and the Destruction of Fort Sumter

Hurley, Suzanne Cameron Linder (ed.)
Dearest Hugh: The Courtship Letters of Gabrielle Drake and Hugh McColl, 1900–1901

Hyde, Michael J.
The Call of Conscience: Heidegger and Levinas, Rhetoric and the Euthanasia Debate
The Ethos of Rhetoric
The Interruption That We Are: The Health of the Lived Body, Narrative, and Public Moral Argument

Hyde, Thomas W.
Following the Greek Cross; or, Memories of the Sixth Army Corps

Inabinet, Joan A. and L. Glen Inabinet
A History of Kershaw County, South Carolina
The World of Jak Smyrl: South Carolina Artist, Journalist, Cartoonist

Ingersoll, Earl G.
Understanding Steven Millhauser

Larry E. Ivers
This Torrent of Indians: War on the Southern Frontier, 1715–1728

Izzo, David Garrett
Christopher Isherwood: His Era, His Gang, and the Legacy of the Truly Strong Man

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