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Religion in South Carolina

Edited by Charles H. Lippy


The first comprehensive appraisal of the major denominations, topics, and issues that have defined the religious history of one Bible Belt state, Religion in South Carolina sketches an overview of religion in the region and then looks specifically at the traditions that have forged South Carolina's religious culture. Individual essays treat the evangelical traditions of the Baptists and Methodists, the liturgical churches of the Episcopalians and Lutherans, the Reformed denominations of the Prebyterians and Congregationalists, and the Roman Catholic, Jewish, African-American, and Pentecostal congregations of the Palmetto State. Other essays examine the ways religion has influenced South Carolina's political and social life, pluralism's importance in the state, and the trends that promise to characterize the future of religion in South Carolina.

Charles H. Lippy is professor of religion at Clemson University. He is co-author of Christianity Comes to the Americas, 1492–1776, and co-editor of the Encyclopedia of the American Religious Experience.



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6 x 9
234 pages
ISBN 978-0-87249-891-4
cloth, $24.95s
Published in cooperation with the South Carolina Humanities Council

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