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Stout Hearts
Traditional Oak Basket Makers of the South Carolina Upcountry

Gary Stanton and Tom Cowan


Today basket makers continue to split oak and weave a variety of forms from large hampers and household baskets to fish traps. This traditional knowledge requires that the maker understand both the materials and master techniques to put the strengths of each kind of wood to a useful function. Two basket makers may share the knowledge of splitting wood to secure the raw materials and still make entirely different basket shaped intended for different purposes. In this exhibit we celebrate the continuity of basket makers who work with one single species of oak, Quercus Alba, or white oak. So focused are these individuals that despite the large variety of oak trees in South Carolina, only white oak finds use in baskets today.



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8 1/2 x 11
24 pages
44 illustrations
ISBN 9780872499553
paper, $5.95t

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McKissick Museum

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