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The Carolina Rice Kitchen
The African Connection
Featuring in facsimile the Carolina Rice Cook Book

Karen Hess

An important history of the Carolina rice kitchen and the African influence on it

Once called "the best American cook in Paris" by Newsweek, Karen Hess has done prodigious research in culinary history. Co-author of The Taste of America, Hess is the editor of The Martha Washington Booke of Cookery and of facsimile editions of several cookbooks, including The Virginia House-wife by Mary Randolph. A resident of France for ten years, Hess lives on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

"Karen Hess has shaped this long-forgotten social history into a readable, informative, and highly beneficial narrative. Books like this make the ordinary lives of our forefathers seem much more authentic and closer to us than the Old South mythologies ever did."—South Carolina Historical Magazine

"The author calls this work a hymn of praise for the Africans enslaved and brought to South Carolina to clear the cypress swamps and plant and tend rice crops. But she's too modest. It's more of a symphony than a hymn."—The Sun (Baltimore)

"The lives of slave and slave owner are intertwined in this interesting history of the influence of rice (and African culture) on the economy and households of the Old South. The facsimile Carolina Rice Cook Book is a fascinating bonus, and there are plenty of recipes to try."—The Bloomsbury Review



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6 x 9
232 pages
4 illustrations
ISBN 978-1-57003-208-0
paperback, $19.95t


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