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The South Carolina Aquarium Guide to Aquatic Habitats of South Carolina

Pete Laurie and David Chamberlain

Showcases the vibrant ecosystems sustained by South Carolina's waterways

Sure to foster a greater appreciation for South Carolina's waterways as well as a desire to conserve them for future generations, A Guide to Aquatic Habitats of South Carolina introduces readers, hikers, boaters, teachers and students to the remarkable beauty and complexity of the state's wetlands. With almost a quarter of its acreage covered by water, South Carolina is a small state distinguished by biological diversity and an extensive range of habitats. This guide, written in an engaging and easy-to-read style by two experienced naturalists, tells the story of water's inexorable movement from mountains to coast, and of the abundant plant and animal species that benefit from its many stops, starts, and backtracking along the way.

Underscoring the fact that the state's streams, rivers, lakes, swamps, marshes and estuaries form a single, interrelated system, Pete Laurie and David Chamberlain explore the particular wetland habitats in each of South Carolina's five physiographic regions. They describe habitats as varied as waterfalls, blackwater swamps, and tidal creeks and as distinctive as Carolina bays. The guide includes illustrations of flora and fauna, maps of the region, and suggested sites to visit throughout the state.

Written primarily to link the exhibits of the South Carolina Aquarium to the natural habitiats they represent, A Guide to Aquatic Habitats of South Carolina is an ideal companion for any exploration of the state's natural areas.

Pete Laurie is a South Carolina Department of Natural Resources retired information specialist who now works as a freelance writer and woodworker. He has written more than a hundred feature articles for South Carolina Wildlife magazine and other publications. A native of Pennsylvania, Laurie has lived for more than thirty years on the South Carolina coast, and there he has nurtured his life-long interest in birds, ecology, and natural history.

A native of Charleston, South Carolina, David Chamberlain has more than forty years experience as a naturalist. He is an avid fisherman and ornithologist, with a heritage rich in the natural history of South Carolina. A field biologist for the Corps of Engineers, he coordinates and co-compiles the ACE Basin Christmas Bird Count with Pete Laurie. Chamberlain lives in Mt. Pleasant.

"This is a fine book that will be a helpful resource for environmentalists and ecotourists alike."—Southeastern Naturalist

"An invaluable guide to the waterways of our state, from the cold mountain streams of the western counties to the untamed bounty of the Atlantic."—Island Packet (Hilton Head)



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6 x 9
326 pages
52 illustrations
ISBN 978-1-57003-460-2
paper, $24.95t

ISBN 978-1-57003-459-6
cloth, $49.95s

Published for the
South Carolina Aquarium


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