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Aging in the New Millennium
A Global View

Terry Tirrito

A guide to current health, social, psychological, and economic issues affecting a growing population of older adults

Thanks to advances in medical technology, better health care systems, and improvements in lifestyle habits, the twenty-first century brings unprecedented changes in life expectancy and increased numbers of older adults globally. As the elder population grows, so does the knowledge of and interest in gerontology. A burgeoning field, gerontology constantly sees new developments in research, the emergence of areas of study such as financial gerontology and elder ethics, and the introduction of programs and services for the aging. In this comprehensive guide to current topics in aging, Tirrito offers an overview of the issues most critical to those caring for and about the elderly today and in the future.

Tirrito explains the biology of aging—along with the social and psychological implications of the physical process—and looks at diseases and disorders affecting the aged, as well their treatment. She reports on the demographics of older Americans, the impact of changes in life expectancy worldwide, theories regarding longevity and life style, attitudes of a younger population toward an aging one, and public support programs and services for older adults. Current statistics, photographs, case studies, and Internet resources complement Tirrito's up-to-date coverage of the topics.

Aging in the New Millennium provides vital current information on gerontology topics for professionals and practitioners, students and laypersons—anyone who wants to learn more about the aging process and the impact society can have upon it.

Terry Tirrito is an associate professor and director of the doctoral program at the University of South Carolina's College of Social Work. She holds a Ph.D. in gerontology from Fordham University and a master's in social work from Adelphi University. The author of Gerontological Social Work: Theory and Practice and Elder Practice: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Working with Older Adults in the Community, Tirrito has served as a gerontologist in private practice and as a nursing home consultant. She lives in Irmo, South Carolina.

"Aging in the New Millennium: A Global View is a fitting title for this work by Terri Tirrito. It presents not only an up-to-date, comprehensive view of issues in aging throughout the world but also an excellent survey of contemporary developments and trends in the field itself. It is a valuable resource for both newcomers and veterans interested in gerontology."—Monsignor Charles Fahey, Marie Ward Doty Professor Emeritus, Fordham University



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