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Correct Mispronunciations of Some South Carolina Names

Claude Neuffer and Irene Neuffer


"How do you pronounce names such as Huger, Legare, Mellichamp, and Abbeville? Unless you are a native of the state, chances are that you will not pronounce them like the people who live there. Here is a highly entertaining, witty guide to the right way of saying a large number of names."—Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle

"A fascinating collection of Palmetto State place-names, people, and events. In one sense, it might be described as a generalized genealogy, but it also serves as an entertaining accumulation of South Carolina history, geography, religion, culture, economy, and humor."—Southern Partisan

"All of this sort of thing, of course, could come off in less skilled hands as merely ponderous or pedantic. But there's a wonderful lightness of tone about the Neuffers and reading their explanations is just plain fun as well as informative. The aim of their book is to see that the traditional pronunciations of names in South Carolina will be carried on, even when they may represent several hundred years of mispronunciation."—Columbia (S.C.) State


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5 ½ x 8
192 pages
ISBN 978-0-87249-556-2
paperback, $19.95s


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