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The First Boykin Spaniels
The Story of Dumpy and Singo

Lynn Kelley
Illustrated by Lisa Gardiner

A colorful history of South Carolina's state dog as written and illustrated for young readers

Through the charming and delightful voice of one of the Palmetto State's own Boykin spaniels,
Lynn Kelley narrates the life and history of the South Carolina state dog. When Dumpy, a gregarious and affectionate puppy, follows Mr. White into church one Sunday, he never suspects that he will soon find a new home or family. After discovering Dumpy's innate talent as a hunter, Mr. White sends his beloved pet to his friend, Mr. Boykin, in order for Dumpy to learn to become a true hunting dog and a South Carolina legend. Through Lisa Gardiner's vibrant illustrations and Kelley's engaging narration, this tale of South Carolina's state dog offers young readers a quirky tale of this South Carolina original.

The Boykin spaniel breed originated in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in the early twentieth century. By the year 2000, more than 16,000 Boykins internationally had been registered with the Boykin Spaniel Society. Now recognized by the American Kennel Club, the Boykin spaniel continues to be a popular hunting dog and beloved family pet.

A retired educator, Lynn Kelley has been honored with the State of South Carolina's Order of the Silver Crescent for his distinguished public service. He is the coauthor (with Mike Creel) of The Boykin Spaniel: South Carolina's Dog.

Lisa Gardiner has written or illustrated eight children's books, including What's Up with Altitude? and Catastrophic Colorado.



The First Boykin Spaniels



8½ X 11
31 pages
33 color illus.
ISBN 978-0-97614-630-8
paperback, $13.50s

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