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Relic of the Lost Cause
The Story of South Carolina's Ordinance of Secession

Charles H. Lesser

A concise guide to the history of South Carolina's 1860 Ordinance of Secession

The moment that South Carolina ratified the 1860 Ordinance of Secession, shouts of affirmation
were heard throughout Charleston as the first state broke away from the Union. With intricate detail and meticulous narrative, Charles H. Lesser examines the events surrounding the ratification of secession and resurrects the history of a bygone era in Relics of the Lost Cause. Lesser includes black-and-white portraits of several notable figures in the secession such as David F. Jamison and John A. Inglis. Using historical documents, photographs, and accounts,
Lesser unravels the hype and mystery surrounding the ordinance as he seeks to establish who authored the ordinance, the reaction of the black community to the document, and the overarching impact upon the reviews historical drama unfolding between the Union and
the Confederacy.

With an appendix outlining each signer of the South Carolina Ordinance of Secession, the location of their signatures upon the document, and their districts, Lesser succinctly contributes to today's understanding of the past and its effect upon the historical narrative of our future.

Historian Charles H. Lesser is a retired archivist with the South Carolina Department of Archives and History.



Relic of the Lost Cause


8 x 9
35 pages
23 illus.
ISBN 978-1-880067-36-9
paperback, $12.95s
Distributed for the South Carolina Department of Archives and History
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