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Martin Mull 20/20
Paintings & Watercolors

Greenville County Museum of Art
Essay by Thomas W. Styron

A catalog of one artist's efforts to take off the rose-colored glasses of memory and paint his reality

A veteran actor, comedian, author, and recording artist, Martin Mull is also an accomplished visual artist. To paint in hindsight is to paint with clarity, or as Mull sees it, with "second sight." Showcasing some of Mull's wide range of abstract paintings and watercolors, Martin Mull 20/20 presents his work with a conscious integrity and an unfettered glimpse into a stark reality. Each image carefully depicts the simple vividness with which Mull sees the world. He expertly contrasts dull tones with bright resonances of color, displaying his ability to look beyond the romantic nostalgia of memories and re-create the grit of actuality.

This catalog displays Mull's range and ability to see the beautiful in the mundane, the grime in the celestial, and the tragic comedy of everyday life. The sudden and unsuspected bursts of color in his work mirror the artist's attempt to recapture his own memories as they appear with the imperfect clarity of hindsight. Containing forty of Mull's most imaginative pieces, this collection allows the artist opportunity to offer a perspective upon his work. Mull's own explanation and the essay by Thomas W. Styron in the foreword set the tone and provide the lenses with which to view the artist's work.



Book jacket for Martin Mull 20/20


(2012) 8 ½ x 11
68 pages
41 color illustrations
ISBN 978-0-9657858-1-5
paper, $29.95t
Distributed for the Greenville County Museum of Art
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