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Jonathan Green at Work

A Documentary by Charles Allan Smith

Jonathan Green at Work is an award-winning documentary film by renowned filmmaker and photographer Charles Allan Smith of a day in the life and work of the celebrated and charismatic American painter Jonathan Green. The film allows a rare glimpse into the unique life of this outstanding artist and integrates his work, environment, and Gullah heritage and culture, bringing together Green's acute sense of space, privacy, and dignity with his creative genius.

At the time of filming, Green's studio and home was nestled in twenty-five acres of beautifully gardened woodland in Naples, Florida. This serene sanctuary for the artist was a place few people were permitted to visit. But thanks to Smith's measured, Zen-like production, with Green serving as host, the viewer feels like a welcome and privileged guest.

Charles Allan Smith is a contemporary producer and filmmaker, specializing in documentaries, short films, and photography.

Jonathan Green is a renowned Gullah artist and the author of Gullah Images: The Art of Jonathan Green. His work is the subject of Seeking: Poetry and Prose Inspired by the Art of Jonathan Green, published by the University of South Carolina Press.




ISBN 978-1-61117-426-7
DVD, $25.00t

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