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Lead Me On, Let Me Stand
A Clergyman's Story in White and Black

William H. Barnwell
Introduction by Sister Helen Prejean

The memoir of an Episcopal pastor in white congregations—a crusador for civil rights and social justice

Lead Me On, Let Me Stand: A Clergyman's Story in White and Black is a moving, passionate memoir of a life of ministry by a devoted pastor striving to bring together things that tend to pull apart—the church and the world, women and men, old and young, straight and gay, works and faith, the Deep South and the Far North, black and white. His ministry has taken him to Boston, Washington, D.C. and finally, again, to New Orleans, where his work has continued. A humble, fervent crusader for social justice, Barnwell offers readers a unique look at the public and personal life of a committed man of faith and action.

William Barnwell was born in Charleston, South Carolina, attended the University of the South, and graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary. His ministry has taken him from New Orleans to Boston to Washington, D.C. and full circle back to New Orleans, where he currently works at the mostly African American All Souls Episcopal Church and Community Center in the Lower Ninth Ward and does prison outreach through a national program called Kairos. He is the author of In Richard's World: The Battle of Charleston, 1966 (republished by the University of South Carolina Press), as well as the textbooks Writing for a Reason, The Resourceful Writer, and Reflections: A Thematic Reader.

"William Barnwell's first book changed my life … He is a shameless white, Southern liberal just like me. We are a small but stubborn group and we are joined by the likes of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Sister Helen Prejean. I think William Barnwell has lived a stirring, exemplary life—and he writes beautifully." —Pat Conroy, New York Times bestselling author



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Let Me Stand


6 x 9
432 pages
ISBN 978-1-938183-00-3
paperback, $18.95t

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