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Like Wildfire
The Rhetoric of the Civil Rights Sit-Ins

Edited by Sean Patrick O'Rourke and Lesli K. Pace

The sit-ins of the American civil rights movement were extraordinary acts of dissent in an age marked by protest. By sitting in at "whites only" lunch counters, libraries, beaches, swimming pools, skating rinks, and churches, young African Americans and their allies put their lives on the line, fully aware that their actions would almost inevitably incite hateful, violent responses from entrenched and increasingly desperate white segregationists. And yet they did so in great numbers: most estimates suggest that in 1960 alone more than seventy thousand young people participated in sit-ins across the American South and more than three thousand were arrested. The simplicity and purity of the act of sitting in, coupled with the dignity and grace exhibited by participants, lent to the sit-in movement's sanctity and peaceful power.

In Like Wildfire, editors Sean Patrick O'Rourke and Lesli K. Pace seek to clarify and analyze the power of civil rights sit-ins as rhetorical acts—persuasive campaigns designed to alter perceptions of apartheid social structures and to change the attitudes, laws, and policies that supported those structures. These cohesive essays from leading scholars offer a new appraisal of the origins, growth, and legacy of the sit-ins, which has gone largely ignored in scholarly literature. The authors examine different forms of sitting-in and the evolution of the rhetorical dynamics of sit-in protests, detailing the organizational strategies they employed and connecting them to later protests. By focusing on the persuasive power of demanding space, the contributors articulate the ways in which the protestors' battle for basic civil rights shaped social practices, laws, and the national dialogue. O'Rourke and Pace maintain that the legacies of the civil rights sit-ins have been many, complicated, and at times undervalued.

Sean Patrick O'Rourke is a professor of rhetoric and American studies and director of the Center for Speaking and Listening at Sewanee: The University of the South.

Lesli K. Pace is an associate professor of communication and program coordinator for the Communication Program at the University of Louisiana, Monroe.





June 2020
6 x 9
392 pages

ISBN 978-1-64336-066-9 Hardcover, $49.99s

ISBN 978-1-64336-083-6
Ebook, $49.99


Wendy Atkins-Sayer
Diana Bowen
Jason del Gandio
Marilyn DeLaure
Victoria J. Gallagher
Lindsay Harroff
Judith Hoover
William Lawson
Melody Lehn
Casey Malone Maugh Funderburk
Roseann M. Mandziuk
Keith Miller
David Miguel Molina
Sean Patrick O'Rourke
Lesli K. Pace
Joshua Phillips
Stephen Schneider
Jeffrey C. Swift
Rebecca Bridges Watts
David Worthington
Kenneth S. Zagacki

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