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Lifeline of the Confederacy
Blockade Running During the Civil War

Stephen R. Wise


Throughout the Civil War, the Confederacy was able to sustain its military forces due to a lifeline of steam propelled blockade runners. And now, for the first time, a comprehensive study that describes the tremendous maritime trade that flowed into Southern harbors from Texas to Virginia is available with the publication of Lifeline of the Confederacy: Blockade Running During the Civil War. Highlighted with numerous maps, illustrations, and a listing of more than 300 blockade runners, this book analyzes the impact of blockade running on the Southern war effort. The work tells the vivid story of the revolutionary vessels and the unknown individuals who made up the supply system that came to be called the "Lifeline of the Confederacy."

Stephen R. Wise is an instructor at the University of South Carolina-Beaufort and director of the Parris Island Museum.

"Stephen Wise has produced an outstanding book which should be the standard work on the Blockade for years to come. His massive research has resulted in a work which is more nearly complete than anything done before. In addition to being an interesting story, Lifeline of the Confederacy contains a gold mine of information on the subject including accounts of the ships engaged in the service, the dates of their voyages, and other interesting information which cannot be found in any other work."—Frank Owsley, Jr., Professor of History, Auburn University

"Unequivocally, Stephen Wise has produced one of the finest original works on the Civil War to appear in years."—The Civil War News

"... no overall and encompassing work on this exciting episode in Civil War history has come forth until now."—The History Book Club

"No previous work has offered a comprehensive and analytical look at this topic until now."—Journal of Southern History

"... a worthwhile and interesting read and a valuable reference work on blockade running during the Civil War."—Naval History

"... will take a commanding place on the shelves of important Civil War books, making much simpler the crafting of an epic that awaits in shadow and in substance."—Civil War History

"Yeeeeeeeeee haaaaa! A Rebel yell is an appropriate way to enthusiatically endorse Stephen R. Wise's Lifeline of the Confederacy... an excellent piece of research that will be appreciated by scholars and laymen alike..."—The American Neptune



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6 x 9
400 pages
ISBN 978-0-87249-799-3
paperback, $24.95s
Studies in Maritime History

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