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"Each recipe, though simple to follow, doesn't emulate modern cookbooks in its format; instead, all are written in a narrative, surrounded by the author's stories of living in Greece and Cyprus. Color photographs and occasional sidebars also help cooks complete dishes successfully, whether a traditional gyros or saganaki or a special-occasion moussaka or tava (slow-cooked lamb stew). A foreword by Dimitrios Trichopoulos, from Harvard School of Public Health, emphasizes the goodness of Greek eats."—Booklist

"Patricia Moore-Pastides is a talented writer, a person of sharp intellect and, more important, sensitivity and compulsion to perfection. . . . Patricia draws a parallel between the revival of classical Greek architecture in the United States at the beginning of the nineteenth century and the current revival of the traditional Greek diet. Culture has many dimensions, and different people rank them in different ways. Patricia's book honors a particular aspect of Greek culture and, just as important, provides a blueprint for cooking for life-a longer, healthier, and more enjoyable life."—Dimitrios Trichopoulos, Vincent L. Gregory Professor of Cancer Prevention at the Harvard School of Public Health, from the Foreword

"The delectable recipes in Greek Revival are distinctive, flavorful, and representative of their chef's commendable passion for healthy living through time-tested Old World cooking practices. Patricia Moore-Pastides retains the innate taste and texture of Mediterranean cuisine while updating the techniques and diet constraints in innovative ways for today's lifestyle. Like the recipes contained here, this elegantly presented book is a delight to be savored and shared."—Nathalie Dupree


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"My qualifications to comment on this charming memoir and cookbook rest more in my capacities as an eater than a chef. But I enjoyed the author's stories and her perceptions when, after marrying into a Greek family, she discovers Greece, Greeks, their customs, and their cuisine. Along the way she provides renewed credence to the merits of the renowned Mediterranean diet. As a professional storyteller of Greek ways, I appreciated the tales shared in these pages. And the recipes are a bonus."—Harry Mark Petrakis

"In Greek Revival Patricia Moore-Pastides celebrates Greek cuisine as a healthy way of living and as an inseparable part of Greek culture for centuries. Her commitment to authenticity and accuracy in the scientific and culinary dimensions of her beautiful book shine through in every recipe and story. She shares with us an insider's view of Greek culture and deserves high praise for her engaging writing, creativity, and deeply felt passion for promoting a more healthy and balanced way of life."—Zoe Kosmidou, minister counselor for cultural affairs, Embassy of Greece