Story River Books Titles

Forthcoming in Spring 2014
A Southern Girl: A Novel
John Warley
Foreword by Therese Anne Fowler
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A Southern Girl: Beginnings is available as an ebook here. It is the first four chapters of the novel.

Forthcoming in Fall 2014

By the Red Glare: A Novel
Mark Sibley-Jones
Foreword by Marion Lucas

The Sheltering: A Novel
Mark Powell
Foreword by Pat Conroy

Famous All Over Town: A Novel
Bernie Schein
Foreword by Janis Owens

Los Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves, Expanded Edition
Maggie Schein
Illustrations by Jonathan Hannah
Foreword by Pat Conroy

Fate Moreland's Widow: A Novel
John Lane
Foreword by Wiley Cash

Seam Busters: A Novella
Mary Hood

A Clear View of the Southern Sky: Stories
Mary Hood
Foreword by Pat Conroy