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"Ain't Gonna Lay My 'Ligion Down"
The Augustinian Theology of W. H. Auden
Baruch ben Neriah
Bathsheba Survives
Beyond the Qur'ān
Caiaphas the High Priest
Catholicism in Ulster, 1603–1983
A Cautious Enthusiasm
Challenges on the Emmaus Road
Charismatic Christianity as a Global Culture
The Children of Salvation
Colors of the Robe
A Community of Witches
Contemporary Coptic Nuns
Copts in Context: Negotiating Identity, Tradition, and Modernity
The Dawn of Religious Freedom in South Carolina
A Day of Gladness
The Death of Jesus in Luke-Acts
Defenders of God
Ezra and the Law in History and Tradition
Faith, Valor, and Devotion
Feeling the Spirit
Flannery O'Connor, Hermit Novelist
The Fourth Gospel in Four Dimensions
Gleaning Ruth
Have You Considered My Servant Job?
Hear Our Voice
Hindu Ritual at the Margins
A History of the Jews of Arabia
The Holy Book in Comparative Perspective
Images of Judaism in Luke-Acts
Inheriting the Crown in Jewish Law
Islamic Ethics of Life
Jesus and the Politics of Roman Palestine
Jonathan Edwards at Home and Abroad
John among the Gospels
John the Baptist in History and Theology
Just James
Karaite Judaism and Historical Understanding
Knowledge before Action
Lead Me On, Let Me Stand
Light in a Burning-Glass
Luke, Judaism, and the Scholars
The Making of the Last Prophet
Marcion and Luke–Acts
Memory, Music, and Religion
Messianic Beliefs and Imperial Politics in Medieval Islam
Messianic Hopes and Mystical Visions
Mount Fuji
Muslim Medical Ethics
"Mysticism" in Iran
The New Religious Right
The Origins of Southern Evangelicalism
The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Vol. I
The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Vol. 2
The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Vol. 3
The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Vol. 4
The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Vol. 5
Patrick N. Lynch, 1817–1882
The Place of the Gospels in the General History of Literature
Prohibition and Politics
Reading Mystical Lyric
Reading the Sermon on the Mount
Recent Themes in American Religious History
Recent Themes in the History of Science and Religion
Recite in the Name of the Red Rose
Religion and Personal Autonomy
Religion in Relation
Religion in South Carolina
Religion, Space, and the Atlantic World
Religious Institutions and Women's Leadership
Resurgent Evangelicalism in the United States
Rethinking Islamic Studies
Rethinking the Unity and Reception of Luke and Acts
Ritual Criticism
Ritualizing on the Boundaries
Sacred Tensions
Saints and Their Cults in the Atlantic World
Sam Jones' Own Book
Samuel and His God
Self and Secrecy in Early Islam
Shurāt Legends, Ibādī Identities
Solitary Pagans
Sonic Liturgy
Sonic Theology
The South Carolina Diary of Reverend Archibald Simpson
Speaking Qur'an
Standing on Holy Ground
The Study of Hinduism
Sufi Aesthetics
Sufi Heirs of the Prophet
Sufism, Mystics, and Saints in Modern Egypt
Temporality, Eternity, and Wisdom
The Theology of William Porcher DuBose
Under the Canopy
Varieties of Aesthetic Experience: Literary Modernism and the Dissociation of Belief
Varieties of Southern Religious History
The Vernacular Veda
Voices from the Pagan Census
Who is Jesus?
Women Mystics and Sufi Shrines in India




A Day of Gladness

The Fourth Gospel in Four Dimensions

Messianic Beliefs and Imperial Politics in Medieval Islam

The Study of HInduism

Voices from the Pagan Census

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