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Jacob Jump
James Louis Petigru
Jazz and Blues Musicians of South Carolina
Jefferson and the Press
Jeremiah and God's Plans of Well-being
Jesting in Earnest
Jesus in the Mist
Jesus and the Politics of Roman Palestine
The Jewish Confederates
Jewish Sanctuary in the Atlantic World
John among the Gospels
John the Baptist in History and Theology
John C. Calhoun
John P. Holland, 1841–1914
John Laurens and the American Revolution
Jonathan Edwards at Home and Abroad
Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green at Work
Jonathan Green's Seeking
The Joseph M. Bruccoli Great War Collection at the University of South Carolina
Joseph Conrad and the Anxiety of Knowledge
The Journal of Peter Horry, South Carolinian
Joyce's Modernist Allegory
Judgment, Rhetoric, and the Problem of Incommensurability
Just James

Karaite Judaism and Historical Understanding
Katherine Anne Porter's Poetry
Katharine Walton
Katie's Cabbage
Keep and Give Away
Kenneth Burke in the 1930s
Kenneth Burke's Permanence and Change
The Keys of Power
The Killing Ground
Kirby's Journal
Know Nothing
Knowing Who I Am
Knowledge before Action
Knowledge, Power, and International Policy Coordination
The Kohn-Hennig Library
Kurt Vonnegut's America

La Gloire
Ladies' Southern Florist
The Lady of Cofitachequi: A South Carolina Native American Folktale
The Land of Milk and Honey
Landscape of Slavery
The Last Romantic
The Last Sister
The Late Novels of Eudora Welty
Late Poems, 1968–1993
Leading Sectors and World Powers
Lean Down Your Ear upon the Earth, and Listen
Learning the Valley
Led On! Step by Step
Lee's Adjutant
Let My People Go
Letter-Writing Manuals and Instruction from Antiquity to the Present
The Letterbook of Eliza Lucas Pinckney, 1739–1762
The Letters of Pierce Butler, 1790–1794
The Letters of a Victorian Madwoman
Letters from a War Bird
The Letters of William Gilmore Simms: Volume I, 1867–1870
The Letters of William Gilmore Simms: Volume II, 1845–1849
The Letters of William Gilmore Simms: Volume III, 1850–1857
The Letters of William Gilmore Simms: Volume IV, 1858–1866
The Letters of William Gilmore Simms: Volume V, 1830–1844
The Letters of William Gilmore Simms: Volume VI, Supplement, 1834–1870
The Leverett Letters
Lewis Coolidge and the Voyage of the Amethyst, 1806–1811
Liberty and Slavery
The Life of Captain John Smith
The Life of the Chevalier Bayard
The Life of the World to Come
A Life Afield
The Life and Art of Alfred Hutty
The Life of Francis Marion
Life and Labor in the Old South
Life and Letters of Charles Russell Lowell
Lifeline of the Confederacy
Like unto Like
Like a Sponge Thrown into Water
Like Wildfire: The Rhetoric of the Civil Rights Sit-Ins
Lilac Cigarette in a Wish Cathedral
The Lily and the Totem, or, The Huguenots of Florida
Lily Briscoe's Chinese Eyes
Lincoln and Black Freedom
Lincoln's Abolitionist General
Listening to the Logos
Listening to Their Voices
Little Anodynes
Little Orange Honey Hood
Live Your Own Life
Lives of Their Own
Living a Big War in a Small Place
Livio Orazio Valentini: An Artist's Spiritual Odyssey
The Logodaedalian's Dictionary of Interesting and Unusual Words
Logos and Power in Isocrates and Aristotle
Logos without Rhetoric
London Booksellers and American Customers
Long-Range Public Investment
Longitude by Wire
Looking for the New Deal
Looking for Utopia
Lorenzo Dow Turner
Lost Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves
The Lost Woods
Louis Auchincloss
The Love Eaters and The Kiss of Kin
Lowcountry at High Tide
Lowcountry Time and Tide
Lucy Breckinridge of Grove Hill
Luke, Judaism, and the Scholars
The Lure of Neptune

Madam Chief Justice
The Magical Campus

The Magnificent Mays
Making Government Work
The Making of the Last Prophet
Male Poets and the Agon of the Mother Poetry
Mamas of Dada
Mamba's Daughters
Managing Vulnerability
Map of London
Map of Rome
Marcion and Luke–Acts

Margaret Junkin Preston, Poet of the Confederacy
Margaret Mitchell
Maria Jolas, Woman of Action
Marie de Berniere
A Maritime History of the United States
Market Affect and the Rhetoric of Political Economic Debates
The Market Preparation of Carolina Rice
Maroon Communities in South Carolina
Martin Faber and Other Tales
Martyr of the American Revolution
Mary Black's Family Quilts
Masters of Violence: Plantation Overseers of Eighteenth-Century Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia
Material Culture in Anglo-America
The Materiality of Freedom
Maternal Metaphors of Power in African American Women's Literature
The Matthew J. and Arlyn Bruccoli Collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald at
   the University of South Carolina

Matthew J. Perry
McGillivray of the Creeks
Medieval Literature, Style and Culture
Meet Me at the Rocket: A History of the South Carolina State Fair
A Memoir of James De Veaux, of Charleston, S.C.
A Memoir of the Last Year of the War for Independence in the Confederate States of America
Memory and Identity
Memory, Music, and Religion
Men of Granite
Messianic Beliefs and Imperial Politics in Medieval Islam
Messianic Hopes and Mystical Visions
Millways of Kent
The Mobile River
Modernist Humanism and the Men of 1914
The Moncada Attack
Money, Trade, and Power
More Than a Likeness
Mosaic of Fire
Mount Fuji
Moving Bodies
Mrs. Hill's Southern Practical Cookery and Receipt Book
Multinationals and Canada-U.S. Free Trade
Muslim Medical Ethics
My Brother Bill
My Dear Stieglitz
My Exaggerated Life: Pat Conroy
My Ghost has a Name: Memoir of a Murder
My Health is Better in November
My Life in E-Flat
My Tour through the Asylum: A Southern Integrationist's Memoir
My Words Echo Thus
Myrtle Beach
"Mysticism" in Iran

Narrating Knowledge in Flannery O'Connor's Fiction
Narrating Scotland
Natural History Investigations in South Carolina from Colonial Times to the Present
The Naturalistic Inner-City Novel in America
A Naturalist's Guide to the Southern Blue Ridge Front
Nature's Return: An Environmental History of Congaree National Park
Negotiating the New Ocean Regime
Nelly Custis Lewis's Housekeeping Book
Networking in Multinational Enterprises
Networking Neighborhoods
Never in a Hurry
Never for Want of Powder
New Boundaries in Political Science Fiction
New Deal, New Landscapes
New Paths to Raymond Carver
New Politics in the Old South
The New Religious Right
New and Selected Poems
The New South Carolina Cookbook
A New Southern Woman
New Stories by Southern Women
New Ways for Old Jugs
The Night the New Jesus Fell to Earth
Nipper of Drayton Hall
Noisette Roses
North Carolina
North Carolina Ghosts and Legends, revised
Northern Money, Southern Land
Northern Naval Superiority and the Economics of the American Civil War
A Northern Woman in the Plantation South
Notes from a Colored Girl
Notes on Spain and the Spaniards, in the Summer of 1859, with a Glance at Sardinia
The Novel in the Balance
The Novels of Ross Macdonald

The Ocean's Menace
Off the Books
Old Glory and the Stars and Bars

One Good Mama Bone
On the Horseshoe
On Literary Biography
On Books and Writers
On the Waters of the Wissahickon
One Dies, Get Another: Convict Leasing in the American South, 1866-1928
The Only Thing That Counts
Order and Ardor: The Revival Spiritually of Oliver Hart and the Regular Baptists in Eighteenth-Century South Carolina
The Origins of Southern Evangelicalism
Ota Benga under My Mother's Roof
Our Fathers' Fields
Out of Passau
Outward, Visible Propriety

Painting the Landscape with Fire
Painting the Southern Coast
A Palmetto Boy

Palmetto Silver
The Palmetto and Its South Carolina Home
The Palmetto State
Paper Pleasures
The Papers of Henry Laurens
The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Vol. I
The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Vol. 2
The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Vol. 3
The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Vol. 4
The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Vol. 5
The Papers of John C. Calhoun
Paradoxes of Desegregation
Partial Truths and the Politics of Community
The Partisan
The Partisan War
Partners with the Sun
Partners of Zaynab
The Passions of Modernism
Paths to Freedom
Pathways to the Presidency
Pathways to a Southern Coast
Patient Tales
Patrick N. Lynch, 1817–1882
Patriots and Indians: Shaping Identity in Eighteenth-Century South Carolina
Patriots in Exile: Charleston Rebels in St. Augustine during the American Revolution
Patriots, Pistols, and Petticoats
Patroons and Periaguas
Peaceful Territorial Change
Philip Roth—Countertexts, Counterlives
Phoning Home
The Piedmont Garden
Pirates and Devils
Pitchfork Ben Tillman
A Place to Worship

The Place of the Gospels in the General History of Literature
Plain People of the Confederacy
The Plantation
A Plantation Mistress on the Eve of the Civil War
Plantations and Outdoor Museums in America's Historic South
Plato's Dream of Sophistry
Playships of the World
Poems: Descriptive, Dramatic, Legendary, and Contemplative, 2 Volumes in 1
The Poetry of Rimbaud
A Poet's High Argument
The Poet's Holy Craft
Political Science Fiction
Politics at the Periphery
The Politics of Positive Incentives in Arms Control
Popped Culture
Poppy's Pants
Popular Memories
Porcher's Creek
A Portion of the People
Portrait in a Spoon
The Power of Femininity in the New South
The Power of the Plan
Pragmatism, Democracy, and the Necessity of Rhetoric
Preface to Peasantry
Preserving Charleston's Past, Shaping Its Future
The Presidency and the Rhetoric of Foreign Crisis
The Presidential Companion
The Press and Slavery in America, 1791–1859
Principle and Propensity
Prisoners of Conscience
The Private Gardens of Charleston
The Professions of Authorship
Profits and Politics in Paradise
Prohibition and Politics
Promotion or the Bottom of the River
Proslavery and Sectional Thought in the Early South, 1740–1829
Protagoras and Logos
Proust and His Banker
The Public Work of Rhetoric
Pure Ketchup

Queering Public Address
Queering Romantic Engagement in the Postal Age: A Rhetorical Education
Queerly Remembered
A Question of Mercy

The Radiance of Small Things in Ron Rash's Writing
The Radical Rhetoric of English Deists

Raids on Human Consciousness
Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys!
Ramblings of a Lowcountry Game Warden
Reader's Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender Is the Night
Reading Faulkner's Best Short Stories
Reading Mystical Lyric
Reading the Sermon on the Mount
Reading the World
Readings in Wood
Reading William Gilmore Simms: Essays of Introduction to the Author's Canon
The Realist Short Story of the Powerful Glimpse
Reason's Dark Champions
Rebellion, Reconstruction, and Redemption, 1861–1893
Recent Themes in American Religious History
Recent Themes in Early American History
Recent Themes in the History of Africa and the Atlantic World
Recent Themes in the History of Science and Religion
Recent Themes in Historical Thinking
Recent Themes in Military History
Recent Themes in World History and the History of the West
Recent Themes on Historians and the Public
Recite in the Name of the Red Rose
Recovering the Piedmont Past
Recovering the Piedmont Past, Volume 2
Red Hills and Cotton
Reflections of South Carolina
Reflections of South Carolina, Volume 2
Relieve Us of This Burthen
Religion and Personal Autonomy
Religion in Relation
Religion in South Carolina
Religion, Space, and the Atlantic World
Religious and Spiritual Aspects of Human Service Practice
Religious Institutions and Women's Leadership
The Remains of Maynard Davis Richardson
Remembering Women Differently
The Reptiles of South Carolina
Resurrecting Leather-Stocking
Resolute Rebel: General Roswell S. Ripley, Charleston's Gallant Defender
Resurgent Evangelicalism in the United States
Rethinking Islamic Studies
Rethinking the Unity and Reception of Luke and Acts
Retreat, a Story of 1918
Rhetoric in Ancient China, Fifth to Third Century B.C.E.
The Rhetoric of Mao Zedong: Transforming China and Its People
Rhetoric of the Chinese Cultural Revolution
Rhetoric and Community
Rhetoric in Martial Deliberations and Decision Making
Rhetoric and Power: The Drama of Classical Greece
Rhetorical Touch
Rhetorical Unconsciousness and Political Psychoanalysis
Rhetorics of Display
Rhetorics and Technologies
The Rhetorical Imagination of Kenneth Burke
Rhetorical Landscapes in America
Rice Planter and Sportsman
Rice to Ruin: The Jonathan Lucas Family in South Carolina, 1783–1929
Richard Hurdis
Richardson-Sinkler Connections
Ring Around the Bases
The Rise of Cotton Mills in the South
Ritual Criticism
Ritualizing on the Boundaries
Riverbanks Zoo and Garden
The Robert J. Wickenheiser Collection of John Milton at the University of South Carolina
The Roman Remains
The Roman Years of a South Carolina Artist
The Romantic Egoists
The Ron Rash Reader
Row Upon Row
The Royal Navy in European Waters during the American Revolutionary War

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