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Online USC Parking Permit Sales for Faculty & Staff

USC Faculty and Staff on the Columbia campus now have the ability to manage their parking accounts online. Online options are requesting permits, payment of citations, or appeals.

Applications for surface parking lot permits for faculty and staff are now available. The information below explains how to access the site and obtain a surface lot permit. Garage and Reserved spaces are not currently available for sale.
Please note that the actual permit will not be mailed or available for pick up until August.

Step 1 - obtain your VIP ID and set your VIP ID password:
To login to this system, you must use your VIP ID and password. If you are not familiar with the VIP ID, please visit https://my.sc.edu/vipid/.

Step 2 - Login to the Online Parking Services site:
- You may get to the site from our web site at www.sc.edu/vmps, or from my.sc.edu.
- Once there, click on the link at the top, right of the page that says "Log in".
- This brings you to the Customer Authentication page. Click on the button that says "Affiliated Login".
- Enter your VIP ID and password, then click on the LOGIN button.
- Once you have successfully logged in, you will be on the "Parking Account Main" page

Step 3 - Select your permit:

- On the "Parking Account Main" page, click on the link that says "Purchase Permits"
- Please read the information on the next page, then click "Next"
- The next page will list all of the surface lot permits that you qualify for. Qualification is based on your years of USC employment. Please be aware that some permits for the current semester and the upcoming term may be on sale at the same time. Please pay attention to the effective date and the expiration date of the permit that you are selecting to be sure that you are selecting the desired term.
- Once you have selected your permit, read the permit agreement at the bottom of the page and click the boxes stating that you agree to the terms.
- Click "Next"

Step 4 - Select your vehicle(s):
- Please select the vehicle(s) that are are currently on record that will be used with the permit. If you need to add a vehicle, click on the "Add Vehicle" button.
- Once your vehicle(s) have been selected, click "Next"

Step 5 - Select your address:
- From the "Delivery Option" dropdown, select to either mail the permit to your office address, or pick it up at the Parking Services office. Please note that the office address contains your building only. We will, however, mail the permit to your department.

Step 6 - View Cart and Checkout:
- Please verify the permit description and dates.
- Fac/Staff surface lot permits are currently provided at no cost, so the "Due Now" amount will be $0.00.
- Your e-mail address should appear in the "E-mail Address" box in the Checkout section. If not, you may enter an e-mail address. The receipt will be emailed to this address.
- Please note that fac/staff can only have one permit per term. The only exception is the addition of a motorcycle (MC) permit. ALSO, citations and permits cannot be purchased in the same basket.

- Click "Pay Now" (reminder - the cost is $0.00)
- On the next page, check the box that states that you understand the above statements.
- Click "Pay Now" (reminder - the cost is $0.00)

Step 7 - Payment Receipt:
- This next page is a receipt of your transaction. You should also receive a confirmation e-mail.
- Depending on what you selected, your permit will either be mailed to your office address or you can pick it up at the Parking Services office in August. The Parking Services office is located in the Pendleton Street parking garage at 1501 Pendleton Street.

Please contact Parking Services at 803-777-5160 or parking@mailbox.sc.edu if you have any questions.

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