Allocations on the CR-CISI resources are available to the all community of the USC. However, higher priority is given to the researches and students that are closely involved into the EPSCoR related projects (NSF EPSCoR desktop to petascale award funds).

Allocation Policies

The CR-CISI are generally allocated to a single PI which can be a faculty or a research staff at the USC. The Pis can request allocation for their students and postdoctoral researchers and assume responsibility for the activity of such accounts. The PIs should make sure that the resources are being used in accordance with the CR-CISI Usage Policies.

When applying for an allocation on the high performance computing (HPC) systems, you will be given an account on one or more CR-CISI clusters. We do not assign a specific number of computing hours (units) to a particular HPC allocation but rather limit number of processors a researcher can use simultaneously on a HPC system. Currently the maximum number of processors is set to 60. Such limitation does not apply to allocations that are related to the EPSCoR funded projects.

How to Get an Account

In order to create an account on any of the CR-CISI resources please send an email to Dr. Jerry Ebalunode or Dr. Nikolai Sergueev.