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CR-CISI Resources

CCR-CIS provides the USC community with access to high performance computing systems, remote and collaborative visualization resources, data storage, user services & software packages, assistance with HPC code development, and opportunities for computational research collaborations. The primary funding for hardware was made possible by the sharing of resources and cooperation among groups of researchers, along with substantial investments by NSF and the College of Arts and Sciences in the EPSCoR RII Track I and Track II programs. NSF EPSCoR RII and substantial cost sharing by the university provide personnel resources.


ACM-Chem is a 272 core parallel cluster for use by USC researchers, particularly those in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). The ACM-Chem cluster was purchased and configured using resources from start-up funding Dr. Qi Wang (Mathematics), NSF EPSCOR Track II bridge grant, and NanoCenter funds. Dedicated specialized nodes were added to the configuration for Dr. Sophya Garaschuk (Chemistry) as a part of her faculty startup.

The Bravo cluster is an 11 node, 88 core visualization cluster driving a 5x4 display of 20 monitors which is also used for overflow jobs from the other clusters. This system was funded jointly by Dr. Wolfgang Dahmen's International Development Fund from CAS and an NSF EPSCOR Track II bridge grant.

The Planck cluster combines a mixture of 264 computing cores and 57 NVIDIA GPU accelerators boards (M2070/M1060) to form a hybrid supercomputer with a theoretical peak performance of 59 Teraflops. The cluster was acquired in 2011 using NSF EPSCOR Track I funds.

Requesting a Computing Account

Complimentary low priority accounts can be arranged for the USC researchers depending on the expected work load. Researchers may also contribute hardware, software licenses, or funds to the cluster project in order to receive higher priority access.

To obtain an account please contact Dr. Jerry Ebalunode at

Getting an Account and Accessing the TeraGrid/XSEDE

Interested researchers and users at USC are also encouraged to apply for Teragrid/XSEDE computing resources. Please contact Dr. Jerry Ebalunode at with all questions regarding applications, new account proposals, etc.

Training, Documenting, and Consulting

Everyone in the USC community, and especially the new users of the CR-CISI computational resources, are encouraged to attend CR-CISI series of workshop tutorials. A variety of tutorials are offered covering topics of Linux environment, parallel programming with MPI, GPU programing with CUDA, Matlab, Visualization, etc. Participants are provided with all presentation materials. During normal business hours, the personnel of the CR-CISI are available for personal assistance.