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Center forDigital Humanities

Viral Texts: Bottom-Up Bibliography and the Networks of 19th Century Newspaper Exchange

Ryan Cordell & David Smith, Northeastern University


Date: September 20
Time: 4:30 p.m.
Location: Walsh Conference Room, Barnwell College


"During this period, texts published in newspapers and magazines were not typically protected as intellectual property, and so literary texts as well as other non-fiction prose texts circulated promiscuously among newspapers as editors freely reprinted materials borrowed from other venues. In theViral Texts project, we’re asking: What texts were reprinted and why? How did ideas—literary, political, scientific, economic, religious—circulate in the public sphere and achieve critical force among audiences? By employing and developing computational linguistics tools to analyze the large textual databases of nineteenth-century newspapers newly available to scholars, this project will generate new knowledge of the nineteenth-century print public sphere." --


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