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The Future of the Literary Past

"The Future of the Literary Past" grapples with the question of how new media changes the kinds of questions we can ask of literary texts. McGill writes that she and Parker "bring very different, but complimentary perspectives to the table—from book history, which is my entree into digital humanities scholarship, and from literary theory, which is Andy's." They are terrific, energetic scholars and dynamic presenters.


Meredith L. McGill is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Center for Cultural Analysis at Rutgers University. She is the author of American Literature and the Culture of Reprinting, 1834-1853 (2003), a study of nineteenth-century American resistance to tightening control over intellectual property. Her research interests include the history of the book in American culture, American poetry and poetics, law and literature, literary theory, new media and the history of media shift.

Andrew Parker is Professor of French and Comparative Literature at Rutgers University.  Before joining Rutgers in 2012, he was a professor of English for thirty years at Amherst College, where he helped to found the Film and Media Studies Program.  Recent publications include a monograph The Theorist's Mother (Duke University Press, 2012), and a co-edited collection After Sex? On Writing since Queer Theory (Duke University Press, 2011).

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