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Center forDigital Humanities

Digital Humanities Projects

Throughout the Center for Digital Humanities' short history, our faculty and staff have developed numerous projects, many of which are listed below. These initiatives feature a range of technologies, have fostered innovative uses of technology in the classroom, and have helped faculty, staff, and students across the campus explore possibilities created by digital humanities.

Always Coming Home

Always Coming Home

Always Coming Home: South Carolina Women Veterans is a multimedia exploration and documentation of the South Carolina female military personnel experience, both during and after service.

Carlyle Letters Online

Carlyle Letters Online

The well-known Carlyle Letters Online is a digital edition of the correspondence of famous 19th century writers Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle.


The Collected Poems of Gavin Turnbull Online

The Collected Poems of Gavin Turnbull Online presents the first-ever full collection of writings by the Scottish poet Gavin Turnbull (1765-1816). It includes the writings he published both in Scotland and later in America. In the 200 years since he died, only a handful of Turnbull's poems have been available in anthologies or online, and his Charleston writings have never been collected.

Database of Classical Scholars

Database of Classical Scholars

The Database of Classical Scholars is a project initiated by the American Philological Association and provides a virtual research environment for study of American, British, and European classical scholars.

Digital Piranesi Thumb

The Digital Piranesi

Giovanni Battista Piranesi was an innovative graphic artist most known for his architectural studies of Rome and imaginary prisons. “The Digital Piranesi” aims to make this rare material accessible in a complete digital collection and, in an interactive digital edition, to make it visible, legible, and searchable in ways that the original works are not.

DHC Thumbnail

Dirty History Crawler

The Dirty History Crawler (DHC) project was a Research and Development project co-created by faculty from the University Libraries, the Computer Science and Computer Engineering Department, and the School of Library and Information Science. The goal most broadly was to tackle an outstanding problem in historical humanities research, namely that of “dirty data.” DHC was to result in a software tool which would help researchers discover related to, but not directly within, a given search query.

Handheld Art

Handheld Art

Handheld Art is a virtual learning environment for the classroom, encouraging interdisciplinary study by merging art and the humanities for K-12 education.


Index Iuris

Index Iuris is a federation of digital projects that offer the original texts for the study of the legal history in western Europe, from Roman law to early modern civil codes, both secular and ecclesiastical. Most of these texts are in Latin, which remained the language of law well beyond its use in other types of communication; some, however, are in the vernacular.

Language Conflict Encyclopedia

Language Conflict Encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia of Global Ethnolinguistic Conflict is a curated digital source of information about ethnolinguistic conflicts and language rights violations around the world, information not readily available elsewhere. .

Lone Woman and Last Indians

Lone Woman and Last Indians

A digital, annotated archive centered on the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island and Scott O'Dell's children's novel Island of the Blue Dolphins (1960). Created in conjunction with the Channel Islands National Park and National Park Service, the Lost Woman project will be closely linked to the NPS' educational website on Island of the Blue Dolphins and its historical and geographical setting.



PARAGON is a software system capable of intelligent collation and difference detection among materials from multiple repositories, digitized according to varying standards with a range of methods and equipment.

Pottery Design


SnowVision is a software program developed to automate the laborious task of pattern matching across assemblages of ceramic artifacts, or potsherds, recovered from precolonial Native American habitation sites in the southeastern US.


Università di Padua

An international collaboration on the theme of “Mobility”, referring to mobility of people, ideas, and artifacts across borders, both in contemporary culture and history, between the Center for Digital Humanities, USC Geography, and the University of Padua in Italy.


Victorian Lives and Letters Consortium

The Victorian Lives and Letters Consortium (VLLC) is an organization composed of scholars, teachers, researchers, and enthusiasts dedicated to the digitization, the transcription, the annotation, and the electronic publication of previously unpublished letters, diaries, and miscellaneous papers of Victorian writers.



Where most English language education games focus on spelling and vocabulary, Wordification® places the emphasis on linguistic principles and word morphology, and thus serves as a more useful teaching aid for learning the language.  

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