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McNAIR Center

Frederick L. Dryer

Professor, Mechanical EngineeringDryer

Phone: 803.777.9136

Office: 300 Main Street, Room A122
              Columbia, SC 29208


Dr. Dryer has over 45 years of applications-driven fundamental research experience in thermal sciences (heat transfer, fluid dynamics, physical chemistry, and chemical kinetics) relevant to space and air-breathing propulsion, fossil and renewable energy conversion related to ground transportation and stationary power generation, combustion-related pollutant mitigation, and fire safety. Dr. Dryer’s current research interests include: chemistry/chemical kinetics of fuels and hazardous waste materials as related to ignition, combustion, and emissions generation/abatement; petroleum-derived fuels, including gasoline, diesel, gas turbine, and heavy fuel oil combustion properties; non-petroleum-derived alternative fuels, their production, their chemical kinetic properties, and their ability to address U.S. energy security and reduction in net carbon cycle emissions as well as other pollutant concerns; fire safety related issues on earth and in micro gravity environments; solid phase/gas phase interactions as related to particle burning phenomena and nano-catalyst materials; emissions from internal combustion engines, including hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, aerosol particulates; emissions interactions including chlorine, sulfur and ash (metals) component effects in stationary energy conversion, chemical processing, and incineration.




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