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McNAIR Center

David Matolak

Professor, Electrical Engineering

Phone: 803.777.8334

Office: Swearingen, Room 3A28
              Columbia, SC 29208


  • Wireless Channel Characterization: statistically non-stationary, multi-band & multi-resolution models; current applications include air-ground channel modeling, vehicle-to-vehicle channel modeling, "micro-channel" modeling for wireless networks on chips
  • Ad Hoc Communication Networks: multiple access, duplexing, & multiplexing schemes for dynamic range/rate/latency/lifetime; performance for non-stationary topologies; ad hoc network metrics
  • Modulation/Detection PHY/MAC: Spread Spectrum modulations, efficient detection schemes, & reactive-bandwidth spectral overlay; Narrowband Modulation variable-bandwidth spectral overlay, co-channel interference suppression & rapid performance estimation; robust UAS transmission schemes (e.g., FBMC); V2V channel/MAC modeling
  • Random Process Modeling: modeling of communication signals and their statistics
  • Electromagnetics Modeling: wave propagation and antennas for communications applications; FDTD & ray tracing




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