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Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning

Quality Enhancement Plan Forum

The Quality Enhancement Plan Forum was held in the Russell House Theater on Sept. 25, 2019 at 2 p.m. The forum was attended by approximately 60 in-person and on-line faculty, staff, and students.

View the recording of the live event. (via Adobe Connect)

You can scroll through the forum to points of interest (see time stamps below).

See the PowerPoint slides [pdf].

Submit comments or questions below or contact Amber Fallucca, Director of the QEP for further information.

Speakers, Topics and Times Stamps:

Amber FalluccaAssociate Director of USC Connect

  • 3:46 Quality Enhancement Plan(QEP) Overview in relation to SACSCOC accreditation
  • 7:42 QEP Timeline

Lara Ducate, Faculty Executive Director of USC Connect

  • 8:43 USC Connect as the previous QEP
  • 11:34 Previous QEP timeline
  • 12:33 Integrative Learning Overview
  • 14:00 Graduation with Leadership Distinction

Amber FalluccaAssociate Director of USC Connect

  • 16:36 Assessment and learning outcomes from USC Connect QEP
  • 18:45 ePortfolio and GLD impact on faculty, staff, and campus culture 

Sandra Kelly, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies

  • 21:25 QEP for 2021
  • 23:28 Ideas generated by committee for the 2021 QEP

Discussion/Q&A with panel 26:20 - 59:56

Ideas Generated from the Forum

Below you'll find a brief summary of the ideas that were generated during the QEP Forum.  We would love your feedback as well. Please feel free to contact Amber Fallucca, Director of the QEP, or fill in the comment form below. 

  1. Help students understand University learning outcomes early in their college career and to set their own goals, for example help them to understand why they're here, and what our goals are for them are. This is particularly important for first generation students.
  2. Develop tools and metrics to evaluate learning according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers(NACE) attributes. Help students find weaknesses and then address them.
  3. Make sure the UofSC experiences we provide students align with post-graduate student goals.
  4. Use time inventories to identify intersections between students’ free time and the available opportunities.
  5. Develop peer mentoring programs with GLD senior students and first and second year students.
  6. Provide more outreach to students who are already participating in Beyond the Classroom(BTC) experiences, such as Study Abroad.
  7. Designate Experiential Education officers in each college to manage specific needs and create opportunities in each college.
  8. Conduct outreach to students where they are, specifically diverse student populations, to find out why they aren't completing or participating in BTC experiences.
  9. Organize outreach to the local public school community in Columbia and regional areas for undergraduate students to serve as mentors and volunteers. Have students involved in these opportunities as early as possible.
  10. Various degree programs already have clinical hours, internships, and co-ops built into the curriculum, but we should stress the importance of other non-employment based Experiential Learning opportunities to colleges.
  11. Consider a sustainability-focused QEP that would stress the impact of sustainability on student learning, successes, and the university as a whole using the three pillars of sustainability as a guide.
  12. Marketing of QEP initiatives must be varied. One approach to selling the QEP to students won't work. We need varied marketing approaches to reach varied student populations.
  13. Exploration of opportunities in the first year must be stressed, including pressure not only to explore but also to begin participation.
  14. Academic Advising is a useful venue to reach every student since advising is a requirement for all students before they can register for classes the next semester. Advisors are already focused on the curriculum and see where co-curricular activities can fit into students’ schedules.


Let us know what you think! We appreciate comments and questions on the QEP Forum at USC.  Please include your contact information if you would like a response. 

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