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Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning

  • Professional and Civic Engagement

Connect Through Professional and Civic Engagement

Internships, workplace leadership and peer leadership experiences are great ways to connect learning inside and beyond the classroom. These experiences take you into the "real world" and the university can help you find the experiences that match your interests.

Your professional experiences may include applying what you've learned to a new role in the workplace through a paid position or through an internship. The university's Career Center is a great resource to find work opportunities and internships. Civic engagement may include public service in government at the local, state or national level, and internship programs like the South Carolina Semester and the Washington Semester provide you the opportunity to work in government agencies while earning academic credit.

On campus programs and organizations provide a wealth of opportunities to hone your leadership skills, too. The Leadership and Service Center provides a list of student organizations and offers leadership coaching to help you explore the role that is right for you. Over 50 Peer leadership programs at USC offer the opportunities and training for you to become a peer leader.

CIEL offers some recommendations based on your major and can help you learn to reflect on your experiences, then document, apply and share what you've learned with others. Internships that are part of your academic program can also count toward Graduation with Leadership Distinction in Professional and Civic Engagement.  

CIEL has given me an opportunity to seek connections between my experiences at USC. Working towards Graduation with Leadership Distinction by integrating my learning has guided and focused my reflection as I finish my college career.  CIEL and GLD have helped me form philosophies that I will carry in to the next stage of my life.

Kaitlyn Myers, Music Education

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