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Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning

Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning


Recommendations are intended to help students make the most of their education by providing examples of experiences that can enrich educational experience and illustrate how within and beyond the classroom experiences relate to one another. These are examples and options, not requirements. 

To learn more about making the most of your educational experiences within and beyond the classroom contact:
Pearl Fernandes, Associate Dean,


PARTICIPATE: Community Service

Related Course(s)
SCHC courses related to Service Learning
HPEB 502


  • Waverly
  • Beyond
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Office of Community Engagement at USC

Why this is important
Students learn leadership skills, become empowered, can connect academics with the community


PARTICIPATE: Global Learning

Related Course(s)
SCHC courses

Recommended Timing
Any semester

Campus or local opportunities

  • Study abroad office
  • Walker Institute

Why this is important
Create global leaders; get students to think globally  


PARTICIPATE: Peer Leadership

Student Organization(s)

  • UNIV 101 Peer Leader
  • RM’s
  • Sustainability Office
  • Green Quad

Other opportunities

  • Honors College leaders for events
  • Honors Council

Getting started

  • Orientation
  • UNIV 101


PARTICIPATE: Internships

Program Internship Requirements
3 credit hours or internship

Recommended sites/work experiences

  • Hospitals
  • Washington Semester
  • News Rooms
  • Carolina Semester- local political offices
  • Sustainability

Why this is important
Strengthens students’ CV; helps them make connections for professional pathways



Related Course(s)
Research related courses (399 course number)
SCHC 499-senior thesis

Sample research projects or topics
Chinese medicine; immunology, hair and culture

Why this is important
Undergrad Director at Honors College; seminars; advisors; orientation



How to integrate
ePortfolios, senior thesis



Initial career opportunities

Related graduate programs
Professional schools
Graduate degrees

Future career opportunities

  • Faculty
  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Political office
  • Activist

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.