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Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning

Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning


Recommendations are intended to help students make the most of their education by providing examples of experiences that can enrich educational experience and illustrate how within and beyond the classroom experiences relate to one another. These are examples and options, not requirements. 

To learn more about making the most of your educational experiences within and beyond the classroom contact:
Susan Beverung,


PARTICIPATE: Community Service

Recommended Sites/Experiences

  • Columbia Free Medical Clinic
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Palmetto Health Richland
  • Baptist Children’s Hospital
  • Dutch Fork Elementary School
  • Relay for Life
  • SC Nurses Foundation Walk
  • Red Cross Blood Drives
  • Harvest Hope Food Drives

Why this is important Through these first-hand experiences, students learn how persons without resources can obtain medical care/medications, how to connect with families of ill children, and how to talk to young children about the profession of nursing. Contact with other disciplines is important.


PARTICIPATE: Global Learning

Timing for “study abroad”
Summer for rising Seniors

Germany, United Kingdom (UK)

Why this is important
Enables students to learn about and see different universal health care systems; interact with nursing students in Germany or the UK: and experience living in a different culture and country as a student nurse rather than a tourist.


PARTICIPATE: Peer Leadership

Student Organization(s)

  • USC Student Nurses Association
  • South Carolina Student Nurses Association
  • National Student Nurses Association
  • Chi Eta Phi
  • Sigma Theta Tau
  • IHI Open School
  • USC Roosters Nurses Organization


  • Membership in Dean’s advisory Council
  • College of Nursing (CON) student Affairs Committee
  • CON Partnership board
  • CON Curriculum Committee
  • CON Recruitment Fairs

Why this is important
We expect every nurse to be a leader. Participation in committees and organizations provides opportunity for establishing and meeting goals through team work--which is expected in every nursing role. These opportunities provide a different perspective than the student nurse.


PARTICIPATE: Internships

Program Requirements
Completion of foundations course (NURS 312)

Recommended sites/work experiences
Summer externships at local hospitals such as:

  • Palmetto Health
  • Lexington Medical Center
  • Providence
  • Veteran’s Administration Hospital
  • as well as hospitals in other cities

Professional Organizations

  • USC Student Nurses Association
  • South Carolina Student Nurses Association
  • National Student Nurses Association
  • Chi Eta Phi

Why is this Important 
Externships provide an opportunity to hone basic nursing skills and build relationships with hospitals. Working with professional nursing organizations provides opportunities outside the hospital for professional networking.



Sample Research Projects or Topics

  • Presentations at Discovery Day
  • Mary Ann Parson’s Lectureship and/or Vianna McCowan Day
  • Magellan Scholar
  • SCHC 499A Senior Thesis/Project
  • Capstone Thesis
  • Simulation scenarios
  • Acute Care Nursing Interventions with Autistic Children
  • HIV in Jamaica

Why this is important 
Provides support for nursing interventions; dissemination of knowledge; personal and professional growth in nursing.



How to integrate
NURS 314: Students submit an abstract for a poster that depicts a nursing concept as it relates to a patient condition/disease.

NURS 425: During a day in a school, identify a child who visits the nurse. Create a pamphlet for parents and/or children which addresses diseases or condition seen while in the healthroom.

NURS 431: Project requires an in-depth family, community, and environmental assessment.

NURS 314 project is an opportunity to network and share information with practicing nurses.

NURS 425 project has students identify barriers to knowledge acquisition and provide important information the public can utilize.

NURS 431 project focuses on collaboration and consultation with community leaders, consumers, businesses, churches, school, and health care organizations or agencies to assist in the planning, implementation, and evaluation a community project.



Initial career opportunities

  • Staff Nurse in Hospitals
  • Home Health
  • Physician practices
  • Nursing Home
  • Outpatient clinics

Related graduate programs
Master of Science in Nursing
Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.)
Ph.D. in Nursing

Future career opportunities 
Nurse Practitioner in a multitude of fields (Acute Care; ER; Family; Women’s Health etc; Nurse Educator; Infomatics Nurse)


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