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Stop Sexual Assault

Complainants' Rights

Alleged victims of sexual assault and other violent crime as defined by federal statute are afforded the following rights:

  • the right to be notified in writing of their rights in the conduct process
  • the right to be assisted by various campus entities including but not limited to Sexual Assault Violence Intervention & Prevention, Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity and the UofSC Police Department 
  • the right to have an adviser of her or his choosing accompany him or her throughout her or his participation in the conduct process. The adviser, with the written permission of the alleged victim, may:
    • advise the alleged victim regarding preparation for the hearing
    • accompany the alleged victim to all conduct proceedings
    • have access to information to be introduced at the hearing.
  • the right to submit a victim impact statement to the hearing officer or council for consideration
  • the right to have past behaviors excluded in a University Conduct Hearing where responsibility is being determined
  • the right to accommodations in giving testimony consistent with providing a safe atmosphere and consistent with the rights of the accused
  • the right to be notified in writing of the final determination and any sanction imposed as a result of the conduct process
  • the right to receive a copy of the formal charges sent to the charged student
  • the right to be notified of the date, time and place of hearings at least three university business days prior to the hearing
  • the right to have the hearing authority consider as an aggravating factor when sanctioning the perpetrator whether the perpetrator provided alcohol or other drugs in the commission of a sexual assault
  • the right to be notified of the findings and sanctions/outcome of the hearing within a timeframe close to that in which the charged student was notified
  • the right to appeal the outcome based on a due process error or on information that could not have been available at the time of the hearing
  • the right to changes in academic, living, transportation or working situations to avoid a hostile environment.

Stop Sexual Assault

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