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Choose Your Experiences

Choosing the right experiences outside the classroom helps you connect learning within the context of work, community and life. Try something new or explore your passions. USC Connect means making the most of the experiences that are meaningful to you.

With some careful thought and proper planning, the experiences you choose now can lead to deeper reflection, and have greater meaning when shared with others and applied to your long-term goals. You may even choose to take these experiences further and apply for Graduation with Leadership Distinction in one of five experience pathways: community service, diversity and social advocacy, global learning, professional and civic engagement, or research. Take a look at these pathways and choose the experiences that are right for you. 


USC Connect: Experience Pathways


University faculty and advisers have defined some meaningful experiences, organized them under these categories and made recommendations by major within each college. You may also search the USC Connect Database to find experiences that match your interests.