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Our Trainers

All trainers have both in-house and national training certification by groups including the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Landon Campbell, B.S. EXSC, NSCA-CPT

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Landon is currently a senior in the Master’s of Public Health-Physical Activity and Public Health program at USC and has worked within the Fitness Department as a personal trainer for over three years. An involvement in sports such as wrestling allowed him to be involved with several aspects of weight training at an early age allowing him to participate in structured exercise for over a decade. Landon views exercise and fitness holistically with his focus being on body composition changes and lifestyle modifications for long-lasting results. Goal setting, understanding the process, and addressing barriers are all components of his training philosophy.

Noah Karch

Noah Karch, NASM-CPT

Noah is currently a junior studying Exercise Science at USC, and his passion for fitness comes from a family background in competitive bodybuilding. Noah began weight training as a freshman at USC, and his goals are centered around both strength and physique development. Through his experience, he found that with training comes a strong sense of self, and that it positively carries over to many other things, whether fitness-related or not. Noah believes creating the belief that any personal goal can be achieved with the proper plan and mindset is the most powerful tool that personal training can provide. Noah strives to make training a cooperative effort with his clients, no matter what their goal may be.

Sam Uliana

Sam Uliana, ACSM-CPT

Sam is a senior studying Exercise Science with future plans to go on to Physician Assistant School after graduation. She first became interested in fitness when playing competitive soccer in high school and wanted to become stronger. She got into weightlifting with the guidance of her father who was previously a bodybuilder. She relied upon his assistance to overcome gym intimidation and gain self-confidence as she learned the proper forms and technique. This has been an important aspect in her training of clients as she wants to help them feel more comfortable and confident not only in the gym but in all aspects of life. She has a background in weightlifting, running, and circuit-style workouts which allows her to keep things fun and exciting. In addition to working out, she is also passionate about healthy eating and positive mindset and wants her clients to achieve an overall better lifestyle.

Jordan Bartholf picture

Jordan Bartholf, ACSM

Jordan is a working towards her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree, planning to graduate in August 2021. She graduated from South Dakota State University in 2018 with a Bachelors in Exercise Science, where she worked as a personal trainer for two years prior to starting with USC’s Fitness Department. After working with various strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers throughout her high school years, Jordan decided to obtain her own certifications to allow her to share her passion for exercise with others. Jordan’s training focuses around intentionally-designed programs made to maximize client goals, enforcing proper technique and mechanics, and finding ways to make fitness an enjoyable part of everyone’s life. Whether you have never stepped foot in a gym before or are looking for some fine-tuning, Jordan enjoys working with all types of clients and working towards any and all fitness and health goals.

Sara Steger image

Sara Steger, NSCA-CPT

Sara is a junior studying exercise science on a pre-medical track here at USC. Along with being a personal trainer, she also serves as the Faculty and Staff Personal Training Assistant, coordinating events and activities for Blatt PEC. Her passion for fitness stems from her athletic career since high school. She discovered her interest in weight training and nutrition as a cross country and track athlete. She now dedicates her time to strength training as a competitive powerlifter. Sara believes that everyone can find their strength with the right motivation and programming. She is dedicated to helping clients feel comfortable in a gym and make the positive changes to achieve their goals. Focusing on fitness has changed her life and she knows that it can do the same for others. 

Ben McGuire image

Ben McGuire, ACSM

Ben McGuire is a senior getting his degree in finance while seeking to attend physical therapy school. Ben is a part of the Men’s Club Volleyball team and helps with the Women’s D1 Volleyball team. He believes the best workout plan is one you can enjoy doing and loves exploring many different types of fitness. His focus with clients is on physique development and athleticism.

John Lee Barnett

JohnLee Barnett, ACSM

John is a second semester junior presently pursuing a degree in exercise science. Before attending USC, he played a year of collegiate football at Maryville College in eastern Tennessee. While there, he played middle linebacker, played a crucial part in the team earning the 2016 USA South Conference championship, and discovered his true passion for physical fitness. John is a motivated trainer and is looking forward to helping anyone and everyone to reaching their goals. He is capable of all levels of training; strength, balance, endurance, and specializes in muscular development and training explosive movements.

Dylan Little

Dylan Little, NSCA

Dylan is currently a sophomore majoring in finance and management. His passion for fitness began through his love of sports and grew when he made the transition from basketball to weightlifting in his junior year of high school. While Dylan’s background in his own training is more hypertrophy based, he is a goal-oriented trainer who is focused and committed to all types of different clients. Training has given him the confidence and the mindset to do things he never thought possible and strives to help everyone experience the physical and mental benefits that training provides. He promotes safe and effective training styles no matter what the goal may be. 

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