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Communications and Public Affairs


Treatment of headlines, body copy and other type elements represents our visual identity and also expresses our personality.

A Refreshed Approach for a Historic Identity
The university's refreshed brand platform will begin to be rolled out in the spring of 2019. Big updates in message development, visual identity, brand tools and more are currently in production and will come online in the toolbox throughout the semester.

Gotham, Archer and Adobe Garamond are the three font families that we use in our visual and printed communications. A coordinated series of typeset treatments allows us to represent various campus entities within the larger visual identity system.

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs has negotiated a bulk purchase price for the Gotham and Archer fonts. (Adobe Garamond is commonly packaged with Creative Suite.) A limited number of font licenses are available through the Communicators Network for University of South Carolina employees who are directly involved in the creation of marketing and communication materials.

Using the Fonts

Gotham is the primary font. The clean lines project a modern feel, and the wide range of weights make it ideal for headlines, subheads, callouts, captions and adding emphasis within text. Gotham is used extensively in the templates.

Archer is a secondary font. This slab serif font projects more of an informal, casual feel and reflects our welcoming personality. Archer is best used at larger point sizes in headlines, subheads and callouts.

Adobe Garamond Pro is primarily used for body copy. The serif font provides for easy readability and reflects our genuine character.

Making Type Substitutions

All units should use the official fonts, but in cases where the fonts are not available, the free, cross-platform fonts can be substituted. Arial, Arial Bold and Arial Black may be substituted for the Gotham family. Times and Times Bold may be substituted for Adobe Garamond Pro in body copy.