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Communications and Public Affairs

Academic Logo

The academic logo is the go-to logo for the University of South Carolina.

The University of South Carolina logo represents the Columbia campus and the entire system and should be the first choice when using a logo for print or electronic media.

Color Variations

The logo can appear in two or one color versions, using the following guidelines. All two-color options must show the palmetto tree symbol and "UNIVERSITY OF" in black and "SOUTH CAROLINA" in garnet. A one-color reproduction of the logo must appear in all black on a light color background or all white on a dark color background.

  • Color Variations

Minimum Sizes

Size minimums ensure legibility in various media. The size specifications shown here are appropriate for print.

  • GHFN


Pro Tip

Minimums Vary

Embroidered apparel and use in video or film may require larger minimum sizes.



Super Small

If your project includes a logo that will need to appear smaller than the minimums shown here, please contact University Creative Services for guidance.


Minimum Spaces

A specified clear space ensures the integrity and impact of the University of South Carolina logo. There may be cases where it is difficult to allow the full-recommended clear space (e.g., a very small display ad), and your best judgment should prevail.​

  • Minimum Space


Palmetto Tree Symbol

The palmetto tree symbol can be used as a design element without the accompanying word mark. If you use the palmetto tree symbol, the full logo must appear elsewhere within the piece. The palmetto tree symbol may be shown in all garnet, black or reversed in white.

  • Palmetto Tree



Save the Tree

You cannot use the tree with alternate text to form a new logo.