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Communications and Public Affairs

Graphic Elements

The brand includes a family of graphic elements that can be used to create energy and depth in your designs. 

You can use one, two or more graphic elements to help you present information in ways that engage your audiences. As you work with the elements, trust your eye. If multiple elements are used and the design feels too busy, it probably is.

Graphic Elements

  • pattern example


    Add depth using a flexible pattern family that represents the welcoming nature of South Carolina and pays homage to the palmetto tree. 

  • frame example


    Use this suite of pre-built rectangular or oval frames to create borders or draw attention to photographs or callout text.

  • ornaments example


    This family of accent graphics has a range of elements that can be used to enhance your layout or copy.

  • stamp example


    Place pre-built graphic stamps to emphasize key messages such as points of pride or statistics visually, or as a watermark or layering element.

  • icon example


    Access an ever-growing set of small, spot graphics to illustrate common and specific university- or campus-related objects.