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Communications and Public Affairs


The brand graphics include an ever-growing set of icons that represent academic areas, school spirit and more.

Icon sets are created periodically and include specific items as well as more general representative objects. They are created in a two-color format — black plus a single accent color. When you download an icon set, you'll receive all of the icons in six accent colors.


Spring 2019 Icons

  • atom icon
  • Bike Icon
  • Book Icon
  • Knowlege Icon
  • Microscope Icon
  • Books Icon
  • Boot Icon
  • Column Icon
  • Paper and Pencil Icon
  • Pineapple
  • Computer Icon
  • Connection Icon
  • Diploma Icon
  • Airplane Icon
  • South Carolina Map Icon
  • IV Icon
  • Gamecock Icon
  • Globe Icon
  • Solar icon
  • Speech Icon

Download Spring 2019 Icons [zip]

Using Icons

Use the icons in designs to add interesting related elements to page content or a story. To maintain both the reader's interest and the icons' graphic impact, avoid using too many at one time.




Need Another Icon?

New sets of icons will be released periodically. If you need a specific new icon, please do not create it yourself before attending brand training.