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Communications and Marketing

Type Styles

Web copy should be brief, conversational and audience-specific. Higher-level pages should use broad language, and as the reader digs deeper into your site, pages should provide more detail. The deeper they are willing to go, the more specific information they will find.

Site viewers come to you for one thing: information. That's why you should always pay close attention to how you present this information. You only have a few seconds to engage your reader. So, to make the writing on your site more relatable, combine a conversational tone with “you” language. This places more emphasis on the reader than “we” and “us.”


CMS Options

Type styles have been built into the CMS to provide you with easy-to-use tools that simplify how to structure and organize your information. Use the headers and subheads to organize copy in readable blocks and establish an information hierarchy. Links should indicate to the reader when they are leaving our site. Pull quotes can be used to highlight content and serve as a visual element to break up large blocks of copy.

In addition to the header styles, there are also inline styles built into the CMS. The standard bold, italics, underline and strikethrough stylings are available, as well as the ability to indent text and lists, with multiple options for each.

pro tip

Paragraph Spacing

Paragraphs automatically include extra spacing after to separate it from the next paragraph. You can use a line break or a soft return (shift + return) to eliminate that space and keep two lines of text together.

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