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Communications and Public Affairs

Brand Training

A new brand orientation and training curriculum is being offered to introduce university communicators to the refreshed brand platform, introduced in 2019.

During the initial rollout of the refreshed brand, in April 2019, Communications and Public Affairs will coordinate with college communicators to conduct brand orientation for university designers and writers within each unit. Following this initial rollout phase, we will periodically offer brand on-boarding based on demand. These sessions might include new employees, employees who were unable to attend initial sessions or vendors.

Level One Brand Training

  • What is it? Level one training is a general orientation for staff members in some way responsible for communicating with university audiences.
  • Who should take it? Writers or content designers for university communications channels, as well as those who respond to communications requests.

Level Two Brand Training

  • What is it? Level two training assists staff members who are primarily or entirely responsible for communications in their areas. These sessions are limited in size and detailed in the information covered. Topics will include communications strategy, social media, photography, using the message map and advanced design. Class availability will be conveyed after all scheduled level one training has been completed.  
  • Who should take it? People who write and/or design externally facing content in their daily work.

Do I need brand training?

Unit communications coordinators have already identified staff members who should attend level one training. If you've been identified for training, you'll be notified via email with your training session information. You don't need to complete the request form to participate. Once you complete level one training, you can request level two training based on the type of work you perform.


Brand Training Request