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Adventures in Natural Hazards and Civil Engineering

Adventures in Natural Hazards and Civil Engineering

Have you ever wondered how engineers design and build the dams, roads, buildings and other infrastructure we can’t see (gas, sewer, and water pipelines) and rely on every day? Have you wondered “how can you design something so big” or “how can you design something to withstand a flood, earthquake, or other natural hazards that rarely happen?” 

In this adventure, you will learn interactively about SC natural hazards and their effects on different types of civil infrastructure.  You will create models of various structures in our experimental labs and test them under conditions simulating earthquakes, floods, and other hazards. Use sophisticated sensors to evaluate the performance of the structures.  Your adventure will conclude with your own design of a civil engineering structure like a bridge, miniature building of the future or making concrete! This may also include a field trip to see a local dam or water plant.


Program Dates

  • June 11- 16 for Rising 9 - 12 grade students

    • Registration is closed.